Me competitive? nah... Flywheel Review!

Once a upon time, there was a 20 something girl that have never done a spinning class like soul cycle, flywheel, B/Spoke, to name a few. I have only taken your old school spinning type class. Until I moved to Boston and got invited to try a few classes. 

Since I try my first spinning class, I thought all classes were to supposed to go to the beat of the music and be fun and almost like we were on a party, never easy tho. Until I came to flywheel. 

I am not saying flywheel isn't fun 'cause oh man, it is freaking fun! but also can challenge you in a very different way. Here is the deal!

Before I go on and on about the class, let me explain you a bit of flywheel. 

Flywheel, sadly, only has one location in Boston. It is inside the Prudential Center and offers two type of classes, flywheel (cycling) and flybarre (you guessed, barre!). The studio has everything you need, showers, toiletries, tons of lockers, is spacious and beautiful. If you have never been to flywheel, you will have to check-in with the front desk, otherwise, just go ahead and check yourself in on their iPads. Your spinning shoes will be under the number you choose for your bike ready for you. 

Flywheel classes has different versions, like every other studio. I tried Fly45 and Flybeats - Fly45, is a 45 minute class, high beat, energetic, focuses on intervals and strength, the biggest difference is their Torq board, where you will see how many points you received depending on speed and resistance, your instructor will also point the level of speed and resistance that you should be at. They also have their top 10 during and at the end of class. I honestly LOVED the Torq board, I am super competitive and driven by numbers so seeing my name on the top 10 was super motivating and didn't slack on class because of it! - Flybeats is also a 45 minute class, and the only difference as that there is no Torq board, so no competitiveness. Just ride. 

Besides this two classes, they offer a 60 and 90 minute version, theme classes and power 30.

After Jessies class (she is awesome guys and the music was on point!)

After Jessies class (she is awesome guys and the music was on point!)

The other class they offer is Flybarre and oh boy! - I am not a huge barre class type of person, so I was super hesitate to take a class, but I've heard only but good things about Flybarre so I had to try it, and holly molly. If you ever go to barre expecting to be an easy class or not to sweat, well, Flybarre isn't for you. Although instructors are super nice and will modify things for you, expect a really good class out of it. I took their FlyBarre Sport 60 and I loved it. It is an upper-body and core-focused class, also expect heavier weights, cardio blasts and nice beats to keep you moving. 

Happily to say that I am not only going to come back for more, and I am obsessed with Flywheel. I am trying to come back once a week to take classes, so if you are around hit me up and let's take a class together!



  • Have you ever taken a flywheel class?
  • which one you liked the most?