15 FREE Self Care Ideas

The older I get, the more I treasure time to take care of myself. From making sure my body gets movement, to keep my body nourish and my skin healthy to work on mental health. 

Self care isn' selfish, self care isn't spend everyday all day taking of your skin. Self care is making sure you as a human being is healthy inside and out to be able to care for others. So many people (specially women) prioritize family and work before themselves, it is an act of kindness, but in the long run, their well being will be affected. I understand that they are so many factors, like motherhood, that will shift priorities, but if we want to be able to care and give 100% of us, we need to be ok first. 

Here are some ideas that you (readers and babes on instagram) shared with me, and some that I throw in there. FREE self care ideas you can do any day, anytime. I like to start from the basics before I show you my favorite brands. Because you need to be connected with yourself before you think what you need to work on. 

Hope you you like them.

15 FREE Self Care Ideas

  1. Sleep in. Do not set an alarm and get up when your body says to do it. 
  2. Go for a walk in silent. No phones, or music. If you have a dog, bring it with you! 
  3. Meditate. 5 or 20 minutes, whatever it is. Concentrate on your breathing and let your thoughts pass by. 
  4. Read (Ok maybe not free, but if you go to the library makes it free ;) ) something you love. Doesn't have to be educational, it can be a novel, Harry Potter (obsessed here). 
  5. Lay by the pool, or seat next to the water. Again, in silent, just relax. 
  6. Mid day nap.I used to love my naps when I was a teenager, just take 20 mins and do it. 
  7. DIY Face mask, with products you already have (coffee, coconut oil and sugar makes the best scrub!)
  8. Watch a movie and turn your phone off. No distractions
  9. Take a warm bath. No need of epsom salts or bath bombs. Just a warm bath. 
  10. Cook a nice meal for yourself. Choose your favorite meal and cook for yourself, show yourself some love. 
  11. Journal. Write down how you feel. 
  12. Home yoga practice. You don't have to handstands, just a few sun salutations, feel your body moving in a slow pace. 
  13. Call your mum. It does help so much! 
  14. Or a call a friend and catch up. I feel so much better when I talk to my friends. 
  15. Massage your feet, it is weird but they hold your body 24/7, they help you run and jump and do all your crazy moves, give them some love by taking your shoes off, touch the ground and add some nice oil and give them a massage. 

Bonus (my favorite one)

  • Spend time alone, at home, in a walk, whatever, just enjoy being by yourself. I honestly love being all day by myself, maybe because I am an introvert but it recharges me so much, and I get to listen to my gut and shut down negative thoughts.