Green Coffee In Your Skin Before Your Latte

We all know that coffee is full with antioxidants and has been use not only as a drink but in our skin to help reduce cellulite, exfoliate, and leave our skin looking smooth.  I have used many products made of coffee or infused, and I have even made my own (ya know, that DYI life)  but I've never heard using green coffee instead. But I was wondering how it worked when I read about Java Skincare

Cold-pressed green coffee bean extract contains high antioxidant levels, and delivers unique rejuvenation properties to your skin. When combined with a blend of organic essentials, the benefits to your skin is amazing.

Green tea is already in everything, but I was wondering what can actually do in out skin.

I came last Saturday to Java's pop up store at Kit + Ace, in Newbury street to try a few of their products and holly molly! 

I tend to be very picky with what I put on my skin so I was asking million questions about the ingredients and what are the benefits, how to use the products, etc. I left with the body collection and their brand new Java lip duo bloom.

The Body collection includes a body wash, body serum, body scrub and body soap. and OH. MY. GOODNESS. This stuffs smells soooo freaking good. Forget the fact that it’s incredibly penetrating for a second—its Siam benzoin extract lends it this barely vanilla but jovial creamy depth. YUM! It’s got lightweight and linoleic rich oils like safflower and argan with a vitamin E shot from sweet almond oil. I use just a few drops and pray that maybe it will bust up my spider veins or something as it sinks all the way in, even under lotion and with oil on top. I even sued in my face! I need to get a bigger one because I am carrying the small one in my bag and I can see finishing it up soon.

In the bathroom, the body wash and soap it's extra creamy and leaves your skin soft and smelling delish. No coffee smell for the whole day, but a creamy smell with roses. YUM.

Now wait until you try their scrub. It's oily and has the right amount of coffee to exfoliate your skin. It is recommended to use twice a week to notice a difference in difficult areas. I massage my legs and glutes in circles, scrub my arms and abs, and little circles on my face. I removed it and wash the oil away. It still stayed on my body which is ok! - and perfect for winter.

Now, my favorite of all is the lip duo. I got their newest lip balm and scrub and OMG! the scrub can be use once a week, and it is not only god for you but you can go straight and eat it. The ingredients are so natural and organic that you'll be ok! the balm has a pink color that is made of beets and pomegranate! 

This products had made my top favorite skin care by far and bring them with me everyday. When looking for skincare, I try to look in two things 1. ingredients, always making sure it is made of natural ingredients and with no chemicals, and 2. that they are products that I will actually use, no fancy things that you use once and that's it. 

  • Have you tried any green coffee beauty products? 
  • What's a buzzy ingredient you want to learn more about?