As we move throughout North America, we have had to park and sleep in remote areas or on the side of a road. Not the safest, and sometimes scary. However, we have been careful and have done a bit of research on ways to stay safe. 

Below, and in this video, you will find 3 things we use to stay safe and how we pick the places to sleep at. Our van is our whole life. It literally carries everything we own, and being extra safe is the least thing we can do.

How to stay safe on the road


Table of contents:

  1. Blackout blinds

  2. iOverlander app

  3. Guardline security system

Blackout blinds

Herman's previous owners left us a set of blackout blinds. These blinds cover the back and side windows, and a longer set covers the back of the front seats, like a big black door. This way, no-one can see from the outside, allowing us to turn the lights on, cook, and sleep comfortably without eyes peeking in. 

We also keep them on when we park the van during the day, to keep our belongings out of sight. It definitely helps us feel more comfortable knowing that there’s no way people can tell what’s inside our van. 

iOverlander app

This app is the most popular among van lifers, campers and hikers. It shows safe camping, often free, spots around the world. The information is added by its users, which is great because you will find notes from multiple people from same spot, or even suggestions on what to do. 

This app has allowed us to pick spots that are safer and not crowed, so we can sleep or cook without being bothered. 

Guardline Security system.

Guardline is a Seattle-based small business that has been selling outdoor motion alerts since

1999. They’re five passionate guys who put many years into developing quality motion alerts they can stand behind. Their motion alert systems are super easy to install and have amazing tech support. 

We use one of their wireless driveway alarms. Instead of installing the sensor in a driveway, we hang it from a tree or pole close by. The sensor has 500 ft range, and is all powered by batteries, so we don’t need extra things on our phone. We simply leave the receiver next to our bed at night and the sensor outside and is all good to go. 

You can have up to 16 sensors on the same receiver, making it super convenient and easy to bring along. In addition, it operates under temperatures ranging from: -4 degrees to 140 degrees F. Sensors are weatherproof and include a hood for further protection against the elements. Perfect for our trip!

Oh and it has two year warranty, and is only $99. Go here to check it out, and use ANAGOESFIT for $20 off your order #MyGuardline


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Guardline. All opinions and text are mine.

ps: watch the Youtube vide below.