Month has flown by and I can't believe it. It has shown me that no matter what I am doing, if watching TV, or creating my dreams, time will pass. Here 3 things I've learn on my first month of half marathon training. 


They are a bitch. They can paralyze you and don’t let you do anything, and I mean it. It is funny though because when someone is hesitating in working out I am the first one to cheer them up to do it, but when my mind gets this idea that I can’t, or don’t want to workout, it is so hard to take me out of it. I guess my stubbornness translates into everything. I also find very funny that I write inspirational posts about a healthy living and this month I have been the laziest person in terms of running. You might call it double standards, but I call them excuses. Mental excuses that I have created for me not to run, I rather take 2-3 fitness classes a day than go for a 3-mile run, like WTF! so, YES GUYS, EXCUSES ARE A BITCH.  I have had the hardest time but I AM DOING IT. I AM RUNNING A HALF MARATHON and I am going to crush it.  I have two months left in training and I am growing some balls and take my excuses out of the door, because as Kelli Fierras said on her Instagram post “Overcoming challenges is way more gratifying than taking the easy way out”

Overcoming challenges is way more gratifying than taking the easy way out
— instagram: getwellwithkel



Along with excuses, your body will do what your mind dictates. Your mind will help you create habits, good or bad ones. Whatever it is, your mind has the control, but YOU control your mind. To me, running along Matt is easier, not physically but mentally; I have a goal, a target. However, when I am alone it becomes harder, like I have a 20-pound bag on me. Running has become the best mental exercise to me. I have never understood why runners are so discipline, but I can see it now. The past month has taught me that if I can get my excuses out of my mind, and my mind strong, my runs are just magical. It happens the exact same opposite.  It has been a hard month, but one with a lot of lessons, that I am taking in and making changes.


Not only foam rolling or stretching, like actually listening to your body. I didn’t think my body would get sore from running, like it is just one foot in front of the other one, right? Like I exercise regularly and fairly intense. But my body felt it from day 1. My calves, shins, hip flexors, like what happened? I did have to take a couple days off between running to let my body rest and recover. I have also learned the beauties of berries and turmeric for faster recovery. I have had to learn that not every pain is the end of the world but don’t take it for granted and rest. I am trying to keep a fairly mix workout routine and not forget the rest of my muscles, but I am letting my body rest.


Month 1 is on the cards and I am not feeling confident or nearly prepare to run but I have two months left and I am using them to catch up and crush it.  Honestly, I still kinda hate the training, but I know I will feel amazing after I cross the finish line.


If you have any running tips, please, let me know in the comments!