Hash Browns for the win!

One of the best breakfasts ever to me was scrambled eggs with toast and hash browns. But like McDonald's hash browns.  I will never say McDonald's hash browns taste bad, the opposite, they are delicious but I am definitely the first one to tell you not too eat them! 

I have come so far, it has been over one year since I last ate maccas. I haven't had eggs in more than two months. Home made brunch was getting harder and harder. Until, my light bulb turned on! what if I made home made hash browns! 

Every recipe had tons of oil involved, eggs and cheese for flavor, they were not an option. So, I asked my little hamsters upstairs to start running harder and think of an easier, healthier way to make hash browns. so, why not pan fry them. First try, it was a mess! so bad. If you don't have an awesome pan, don't even try. Next try, oven. 

I tried 3 different ways, and the one I will show you was the winner. BY FAR! 

Here it is. An easy, healthier way yo make hash browns. 


Makes 8-10 hash browns depending on size. 

  • 3 potatoes, peeled and shaved
  • salt and pepper to taste ( I used 1 tablespoon of each)
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast

How to:

  • Peel the 3 potatoes and grate them. Place the grated potatoes in a bowl, add salt, pepper and nutritional yeast and mix. 
  • Pre heat the oven at 380F/ 193C 
  • Place cupcake paper cups in a muffin tray, if you don't have paper cups you can cut parchment paper in small squares and use them instead. 
  • Scoop the mix into the muffin tray and fill up half way. Repeat until mix is finished.
  • Bake for 45-60 minutes. It will depend how crispy you want the hash browns. I left them one hour and they were perfect! 
  • Once it is done, let them cool down for about 5 minutes. 
  • The outside will be crispy but the inside will a bit soft. 

You can eat them for breakfast, lunch or snack. It makes a great on the go breakkie! You can freeze them as well, just make sure they cool down first, or keep them in the fridge as meal prep for the week. I had mines on a salad!

Hopefully you like them! and if you make them, please share them with me, either facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, all of it! . I'd love to see your creations! 







Ana Alarcon