The holidays to me are way more about spending time with your people, having a good time, than buying for buying. I try to stay as minimalist as I can, and only spend on things that I really need. Time to time I give in the sales and well...I shop for shopping, but this year, I want to make sure that I choose gifts that have a beautiful meaning, that are good the environment and I can share a bit of me to my love ones. 

In this list you will find gifts that environmental conscious and mustly vegan products to gift this year. 


This blog post contains affiliate links and discount codes as part of my collaboration with different brands. Every opinion it's mine though.

FOR THE ONE THAT NEEDS A BIT OF FINANCIAL AND BOOST HELP: You are a badass at making money, $4.99

Jen's first book was unreal, and helped so much to really see the value on myself, but this one completely changed my perspective on my financial value, and how to make money my own way, attract money and believe I'm worth more than a dime. Every person, entrepreneur or not, needs to read it. 


A Mexican brand that offers really high quality serums, toners and scrubs. A wildcrafted and premium quality ingredients to create a custom blend unique for every skin type. When possible, I choose local or products that come from home, and this one doesn't disappoint. 

FOR THE HEALTH JUNKIE: How not to die by Dr. Greger, $14.99

Easy to read yet the best book to read in regards nutrition. The title can trow you off but it has so much information about probiotics, super foods, which vegetables and fruits are good for certain things, and how you can have an overall better diet. Get it HERE.  


FOR THE MEAL PREP FREAK: Mason jars and/or stain steel containers, $16.99

Americans tossed about 5 million tons of food on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and spend so much money on eating out. Mason jars are great to store food, leftovers, drink water, and stain steel containers are amazing to travel with, they don't leak, and keep you accountable to bring your lunch to work. Get the mason jars here and the stain steel containers here

FOR EVERYONE: Healthy Human bottles, $24.99

Most water bottles end up on landfill and take over 1000 years to decompose, plus you spend over $1,400 on bottled water. Save money and reduce the 50 billion plastic water bottles that American’s used last year. They are many different brands out there, but I love Healthy Human bottles, they are sweat free, leek proof and keep warm/hot liquid for 12 hours and cold for 24hrs. Use the code: ANAFIT10 for 10% off


Movewith offers audio classes, that range from meditation to running and bootcamp style classes. I got granted the use and I've been loving the yoga sessions, It makes working out so easy, and with no need of a TV, or app. Just put your headphones in and get moving. 

FOR THE COFFEE LOVER: Aero press, $29.95

There's nothing better than coffee made at home. Specially if you have a friend that loves real coffee, not infused syrup coffee, we've been making coffee on an aero press for a couple years now and we love it. Makes only two espressos at a time, but the ritual and taste it is soooo worthy. Get it HERE


FOR ALL THE WOMEN: Menstrual cup, $39.99

Keeping the zero waste life, and the reduction of trash, a menstrual cup. I've been using my cup for a couple years now, and I love seeing more noise about it on social media. I got mine at CVS, but I know most girls are unsure about it, which make it the perfect gift. I recently switched to Lunette, and love it. Get it here


Whether you are traveling, working out or just listening to music, a good pair of headphones make a massive difference. I got the Regent ones and I can't say enought of them, I use them to workout, when I'm working on a coffee shop, or traveling, and I can't heat a thing and they don't move or smell weird after a sweat sesh. Use the code: ANAGOESFIT for 15% off



FOR THE "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO GO SHOPPING": Thrive Market subscription, $59.99

You can buy pretty much everything you need but produce, from toilet paper to pasta, Thrive Market offers the best organic and health brands out there, plus their very own brand it's pretty damn good as well. Everything it's deliver to your house, you get the first month for free and you can get credits for referring friends. No more lines at the register or carrying heavy bags back home. Get it HERE

FOR THE "I CAN´T COOK HEALTHY FOOD" - one week subscription to Splendid Spoon, $95

This covers one week of 2 meal times, which is a very yummy hearty soup and a "cleanse", which is a drinkable soup.  If you have followed me for a while, ya know I LOVE Splendid Spoon, and the soups are so delish that we lick the bowl. Get $20 dlls off by using THIS link.

FOR THE BOOK LOVER: Kindle Paper white, $199.00

Jane, Matt's mum, gifted one of them for my birthday and that has been the best present ever. Super easy to travel with, and with pretty much every book out there. It has made me read a bit more, especially at night, and it takes all the clutter away at home. I love paper books but they are damn heavy, and harder to travel with. Be a generous friend, and gift one this year.