How I Found What Workout Routine Works For Me

A few weeks ago I shared on Instagram something very real for me: I suck at sticking to any fitness plan.

For almost a year, I couldn't stick to anything. I finished my second round of BBG, and I was ready to start something new, so I went on a roll and try (almost) every class in Boston, bought tons of fitness guides and started them all and stopped them all after a few weeks. I just couldn't stick to anything.

For a few months I felt like a failure, like why I wouldn't stick with something like before? I got myself thinking and I knew why. And well, I just didn't enjoy any of the workouts at all. I was feeling forced to workout and even though fitness classes were fun, I felt like I wasn't doing enough. I guess I felt pressure from "Instagram" to lift, or spin, or run. But I wasn't feeling it. 

After a while, and a lot of thinking, I knew again what made me happy, and now I have a routine that I love, that challenges me but is also freaking fun. 

Here how I found it, and I hope you do too!

1. I FOUND MY WHY. Not in a very emotional way, but why I like to workout. I know people say this a lot, but if you don't know why you like to workout than it will feel like chore. I found that my why is the after feeling, the post workout rush. I like to lift heavy things because makes me feel like a badass, I like to do spin and HIIT classes because it makes me feel fast and powerful. That feeling gets me going, and makes me remember I am lucky to be able to do so. Maybe you like to do yoga because it makes you feel powerful. Or your why is because is your "me" time. Whatever it is, find it. 

2. I CHANGED MY GOALS. Let's be real, when I started working out I wanted two things, loose weight and a six pack, if that didn't happen I would stressed out and feel like shit and give up, and move on into the next guide/class that promised me that. BIG ERROR. I found that by having a REAL and ATTAINABLE goal it helps me to feel happy to get up and crush my day. Right now my goal is simple: finish my current fitness guide and do 2 cardio classes a week (this week is SoulCycle, next week could be boxing.) I found that the current guide I am doing, gives me structure but freedom to still enjoy classes I love. Maybe your goals are to stretch 2x a week, or get stronger, than make that goal measurable and start doing it. Focus on how that goals makes you feel! not how it will make you look ;)

3. I TRIED DIFFERENT WORKOUT STYLES. Thanks to me trying everything, I found out what I liked. I know I don't enjoy running, so I don't do it. But I found I love spin and lifting, so I do it. I stopped asking other people for what they liked and got myself a few classes in different studios to see what they were all about and decided if that worked for me or not. 

If you are gonna follow a workout guide, make sure to see what are they like, how long they take to do, and if aligns with your goal. Is it cardio base but you want to be stronger? maybe not the best fit. Maybe you just need something quick that keeps you active, than choose 30 minute home based workouts, instead of a workouts that takes you and hour or so to perform. If they offer a free week, download do it and decide if is the best for you. Don't base your decision on what somebody else is doing. 

4. I STOPPED BASING MY DECISION ON SOCIAL MEDIA.  We all follow girls (maybe you follow me cause of BBG) that follow certain guides and routines, and maybe you are interested in what they do. Don't get me wrong, I think is awesome but is also tricky. For a long time I followed girls because they were doing the same program as I was, which it was awesome, but it also made me think that I had to do that, and try all this classes because they did (hey influencer marketing works wonders!) but it wasn't really necessary for me. I stopped for a second and ended the endless scrolling looking for a quick fix, and got myself serious in what I wanted to do. 

Maybe quick workouts outside works for a girl, but I live in an apartment in Boston, no way I am working out in the winter outside and/or in my apartment. I have no space! But maybe it works for you! whatever it is, find what is best for you and your lifestyle. 


If you are scrolling on Instagram and you find thousands of fitness guides, that is awesome, but please don't buy them all. Pick one that will make you feel amazing, will help you reach your goals, will give you that mix of workouts your body needs but most important, you enjoy it. Not everyone is the same, and not everyone enjoys the same!

How did you find what works for you? Tell me in the comments!

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