5 Tips to stick to YOUR workout plan!

1. Make a realistic plan

Starting a new workout routine or program? Instead of planning your yearly workouts, step back and really think about how much time you have a week to increase your workout routine from zero to 3 or 4 times. You might think that you can do more (and I bet you do!) however, think of taking one week at a time, set small goals and slowly make them happen.

Write down what you want to accomplish that week, one or two spinning class and two strength-training sessions? Write it down and check them off once they are done.

Do this for 2 weeks, than add another workout to your week. You need to give yourself time to get use to the new routine, and let your body get use to the exercise, but also you have to let it rest! – Rest is as important as a workout.

2. Make daily goals

 You have your whole week planned out and you are feeling overwhelmed? No worries! Seat down, and write down 5 daily goals. Maybe is that on Monday you get up 20 minutes before your normal time to walk around your block for five minutes, or maybe is to leave the office early to catch that class that you really want to do. Or even, just take 10 minutes out of your day to stretch before bed. Whatever it is, make a small goal, get it done, and you will feel so much better and accomplished!

If you miss a workout, don’t stress. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can always get it done.


3. Base your goals in how you will feel, not how you will look.

Results take time. Not only physical but also inner results will take time. 

I like to remember how I will feel after a workout or even going for a walk, and stopped basing my workouts around my physical appearance.

So, when you set up a goal, think how you would like to feel once you accomplish it! You want to feel empowered? Stronger? Badass?  Keep that in mind and choose a routine, fitness class or workout program that you will make feel that way.

I also like to plan in how my week is going and how I feel. I open my calendar on Sunda and look how my week is going to be. If is going to be chill and not so busy than I book tons more of HIIT or intense class, but if is going to be super busy and tons of travel, than I stick to yoga classes. But maybe for you it is different, maybe you need intense classes on your busy weeks.

Try it out, see how you feel and plan around that.

4. Add it to your calendar.

 I love my google calendar; I have literally my life in it. I add the classes I’m taking and I make sure I signed up for them before adding them. It keeps me organized but also motivated, and I have no excuses to not make it at the end.

If you don’t use a calendar, write them down and stick them somewhere you can see it everyday. Maybe your fridge, or have in your wallet.

What do you do to stick to your workout routine? Let me know on Instagram or comment on my blog!  Id love to know!

5. Choose something that makes YOU happy.

Simple but true! if you choose something you love and enjoy, it will show! and your body will react so much better to it. So if you love cardio, go for it. If you love fitness classes, do them. Whatever makes you feel good! 

Some people have specific goals, and that is when they stick to certain routines to reach those goals. But if you want to stay healthy and happy, than do what your heart desires. That is what I do too! 

What do you do to stick to your workout routine? Let me know on Instagram or comment on my blog!  Id love to know!