One of the main reasons people binge eat is because they are hungry. Yes, a lot of times it has to do with emotions, like boredom, sadness because you just broke with your significant other, or something that have happened in your life. So when we emotionally binge or just binge, we tend to eat comfort foods, 

What are the most common comfort foods?  PROCESS FOOD! Even as vegan you can eat only process food AKA oreos. We all been there, we all have been bored or sad in our room watching Netflix while inhaling bags of Cheetos and pizza. Nobody ever binge apples or bananas, or salads. AKA unsalted, sugar free, no oil added whole foods, right? We just don’t do it! Why? Because, they are not as satisfying for our taste buds and the pleasure centers of our brain. 

So, how can we actually stop binge eating?

Here a few tips that have helped me, and that I still use when I find myself “hungry” while watching Netflix.

1. Eat whole foods, as less process as possible, but EAT, for real.

As I said before, we binge eat because we are hungry, and probably lazy to get up and cook. So, if you are hungry, eat! But real food! You will find yourself not wanting to eat apples or a salad, and maybe it won’t taste as good as chips or snack bars, but try to avoid that type of food. Since processed food is packed with added sugars (yes, stevia also counts!), and oils, your body won’t get the same feeling of being full, in compare to whole foods, and won’t send the signals to your brain that you are full, meaning you will continue eating and eating. So, next time you want to binge, make a fruit salad, or eat your leftover lunch. You will find yourself not wanting to eat that much. 

photo credit:  myhappydiary

photo credit: myhappydiary

2. Change your environment to suit your goals and your diet.

If you live with your family it can be harder, I get it. But you have to make a decision if you really want to make a change, and promise yourself you won’t do it. If you get hungry, or feel the urge to eat, eat something with carbs, like rice, sweet potato, something that is healthy and that can fill you up. Throw away (or give away) the process foods; it is most likely you will eat them if you have them at home. Believe me, it happens. I am guilty myself of this. Packed your fridge and pantry with ONLY healthy food. I love fruit, so I packed my fruit bowl with 5 or 6 different types of fruit. Choose what you are most likely to eat and get yourself a few more. 

Photo by:  NcoskyPhoto

Photo by: NcoskyPhoto

3. Get out of your house.

Go for a walk, take the dog out or do something that will switch your mind. Take a banana with you, or something healthy that will give that pleasure and satisfied your hunger. You will most likely to forget you wanted to eat something if you distract yourself. I am lucky to live next to a park and walk around, but I am horrible at doing this! If I am extra lazy, I try to do some yoga and stretch to get myself distracted. But, if you have a dog, you have no excuse, take him out!

I hope you find this tips useful! :)

Until the next one,

Now is your turn?

  • Have you experienced binge eating?
  • What did I missed?