How To Transition Into Fall (Fitness and Life)

Labor day is gone and people say summer is pretty much gone and you can't wear white anymore. I know, it sucks. I live for the heat and sun on my skin. Cold weather isn't for me, or maybe I am just a softy. Whatever it is, changes suck. I know I know, we all say "embrace the change" "changes are for the good" and although I agree, and I hate being still, the transition part of any changes suck. Simple. You are moving? try to pack your life in a couple days, lift it, move it and try to put a new place together..can be  a struggle. Once you are all moved in and you "changed" it is all good, it is easier to adjust. You get me right? the transition part of changing is the challenging part. 

Summer is gone, and we are on the transition phase to fall. One day is hot, one day is cold and rainy, the next day is humid, the days are getting shorter. Give us a break Boston. BUT! we need to adjust, change and get used it. Life goes on. There are goals to hit, new things to try, etc. 

If you are feeling like me, where the cold just doesn't let you do anything, or getting up to darkness doesn't help you to hit that 6am fitness class, than I hope the tips below will help you (and me!) to transition into a colder and beautiful fall. 

How To Transition Into Fall

1. Start a journal. 

Maybe you write down what you did on that day, how you felt, what exercises you did, or which class you tried. Whatever it is, write, be intentional on what you write to yourself. Will help you look back into it and remember that you had awesome days. I love writing down what classes I am taking, and to tick down my yoga goals. I keep it as a "fitness" journal but I add motivational quotes for when I fell down. 

2. Create a Fall "bucket list"

Transitioning is a perfect timing to reflect on what you have done and where do you wanna go. Try writing down all the wellness events you want to hit, or new fitness classes you want to go. Keep yourself accountable by adding it on your to-do list and calendar. Add reminders to when to get tickets and get it done. 

Not fitness related? what about creating a list of the all the local things you haven't done yet. 

I created a list of the studios I wanted to visit and take classes, started one a time (buying intro packs) and hitting all of them. Perfect to switch up your routine, meet new people and trying new things!

3. Set intentions, or a new goal. 

Setting monthly intentions will keep yourself accountable, as well as goals. I prefer calling them intentions, that way they merge into my life, instead of ticking goals. However, this changing of seasons it is a good time to talk to yourself and create a new goal. 

How do you think your fitness routine will look like? are you going to get up as early? or maybe you can up your weight and reps? Pick your goal and stick to it. 

4. Take your workouts outside. 

Fall is the perfect time of year to take some of your workouts outside, there's just something about being out in the fresh, cool air that energizes and lifts spirits. Plus, sometimes a change in environment is all you really need!

All body-weight workout at the park will do the job! or maybe hit your local running club. I bet you will love it!

5. And go ahead, give yourself a pat on the shoulders!

Look back at the fun and hard work you did this summer, don't beat up yourself if you accomplish everything you wanted to do and instead look ahead and plan for the last four months of the year like a new opportunity for yourself. 

Reset and commit into your new intentions. Nothing better than starting fresh. 

Pick a mantra for this season, write it down and stick it in your fridge. Whenever you feel down read it aloud. 


Now is your turn:

- what are your favorite ways to start a new season? or transitioning?