I've used the LADDER App For 4 Weeks. Here's what I think

ladder app your personal trainer

Finding the right personal trainer shouldn’t be that hard. But it is. 

Every time I walk to my gym, I see them, they are there. The trainers at my gym are fun, very knowledgeable and they don’t try to sell you their services every time you talk to them, but when I have asked what their rates are, they are way out of my budget. 

In reality, in-person training can be very expensive. And sometimes you have to train with a few different ones to find your perfect match.

After a while, I got tired of taking fitness classes and following generic workouts. I have worked with many different trainers, tried different apps, and I haven’t found anything like Ladder. Yes, other apps have great workouts too, but they are the same for everyone. 

So when Ladder reached out, I was excited to try a different approach to fitness coaching.

Ladder is a digital marketplace for health and wellness coaching. They match personal trainers with people, like you and me, who want individualized programs that are affordable, convenient and rewarding. 

ladder app your personal trainer

Why is Ladder different from other apps that I’ve tried? 

First off, when creating your Ladder profile, you complete a questionnaire that will help match your personality with your trainer’s. It is key to finding that perfect match!

Also, Ladder's trainers provide accountability, motivation, and consistency. Before my trainer created my program, we had a FaceTime call to talk about my challenges with my training, and what I was looking for. To me, it was important to keep everything plain and simple, so I could work out anywhere. 

What’s the app set up like?

I know that when I look into fitness apps, the first thing I look for is how the exercises are set up, if you can see how to do them, if you can track your reps, and if you can you see them in advance. 

Well, Ladder has it all. 

  • You can see the workouts in advance, so you can plan ahead of time.

  • There are videos for every exercise and notes from your trainer on what to focus on.

  • It is super easy to track every session!

  • You can set goals, like a step number for the day, water intake, or lifestyle goals, like sleeping for 8 hours, or shutting off your phone by 10 pm.

  • It is also super easy to get in contact with your coach.

ladder app your personal trainer

The best part is that it is super affordable.

Get custom fitness plans and personal accountability from a certified health and wellness coach, for less than your monthly coffee habit. Ladder costs as low as $16 per month. You can get a monthly subscription ($49.99), a three-month subscription ($89.97), or a 12 month subscription ($191.88).

If you want to give it a go, click here https://bit.ly/2Qp7lc3 and use my code: ANA to get a one-week free trial and a 10% discount on any subscription after that!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ladder App. All opinions and text are mine.