Jera Foster-Fell, better known as WORKOUTBEAN

When I started this series, one of the first person I thought about was Jera, because well, she is freaking amazing! If you haven't follow her, this is your call. This babe is the living definition of goal getter. 

I started following her ages ago, maybe a year ago even. Her Instagram was one of daily inspirations to keep me going, I remember she used to post a photo of her polar watch as proof that she finished her workout. I thought how brilliant it was! 

A few months ago, I was lucky to meet Jera in person, she is like what you see on her Instagram and snapchat, a beautiful soul! I feel so happy to know that Jera keeps inspiring us everyday with her story. I know this girl is going places, and has been brave enough to show it to the world.

Below, you will find Jera's story, favorite workout and fun facts!

My nickname is: Everyone calls me Jera, but my parents certainly have had nicknames for me growing up! My mom calls me Bean, Jera Bean, JB. My dad, at times, has called me Rabbit Brains (don’t ask me where he got that from!)

The first thing I do when I wake up is: Turn on the coffee machine ASAP! I’m a slave to that ‘feine

I can't live without: My dog, Thatcher, also lovingly known as Spicy Grandpa

If I had one week to escape: I’d go surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I love relaxing somewhere warm and laid back, with the option to get active… and also the option to have a margarita :)

If I only had $10 in my pocket: I would buy two double dark chocolate caramel magnum ice cream bars and enjoy the hell out of them

Everything tastes better with a little: Fresh pesto! I could live and die by freshly made pesto.

About Jera:

Holy moly guacamole, what a year it has been. Twelve months ago, I was a graphic designer working a normal Monday-Friday job with a budding interest in fitness, and now, poof! Somehow I am a NASM certified personal trainer who is in the middle of a ten week training program to become a SoulCycle instructor. The past year has been one for the books. My life has flipped 180 degrees, and though it’s been crazy, I’ll be the first to admit it’s been crazy awesome.

It all began in April of 2015 when I decided, after following personal trainer and fitness start Kayla Itsines, to start her program called the Bikini Body Guide. I had seen so many girls on instagram doing it and one day put my foot down and told myself, “doggonit! I can do this too!”. And just like that, I started day one of week one of her workout program, and that same day, I also created my fitness instagram account @workoutbean to hold myself accountable.

Two interesting things happened fairly quickly after that day. One, I found out that I enjoyed working out and feeling good, and two, I realized that I was starting to make connections with other like minded girls. After going through a rough few months prior to starting to exercise, it felt amazing to start feeling good physically, but also to feel good emotionally and mentally by making friends. (Side notes, all of my best girlfriends are girls I’ve met through Instagram!)

By September of 2015, I gave myself an ultimatum. Continue doing graphic design while feeling unhappy and constantly thinking about fitness 24/7, or jump the damn gun and chase my dreams. I chose the latter. I quit my job, went freelance so that I could make my own schedule while continuing to make money, and started studying for my personal training certification. During this time, I rediscovered SoulCycle. It had been a few years since I went to classes consistently, and I began to fall in love with in all over again. I had this crazy notion in the back of my head that started to bubble to the surface- I wanted to become a SoulCycle instructor. But oh, the doubts! How could I, a graphic designer with zero fitness teaching experience and a fear of speaking in front of people, ever do something like that?!

Well lemme tell ya people, it is possible. A few months later, I ended up auditioning twice, and yes, those auditions were the scariest thing and I left both hyperventilating due to the adrenaline pumping through my body. My first audition was in February, and I got a no. I was heartbroken to say the least. But then I auditioned again in April, and after a lot of sweat and a lot of tears, got a YES! I am beyond proud to say that I just finished the half way point of the ten week training program, and will soon be on the schedule for community rides at the end of June. SAY WHAT?! My mind is seriously blown.

This past year, I have changed careers, conquered fears, and many faced challenges. And have gone through a plethora of ups and downs, I feel so grateful to finally to be pursuing something that makes me feel excited and passionate about life!


One of my favorite workouts (besides SoulCycle of course!) is a bosu workout!

You can see a preview of each move here: (clic the image)

1 minute each move, 20 minutes total:

  • Up and over hop
  • Plank step off
  • Burpees
  • Criss Cross Climber

REST - 1 min

  • Squat jumps
  • Push up
  • Jump lunges
  • Single leg glute bridge

REST - 1 min

REPEAT (total of 20 min)

Follow Jera's adventures:

  • Instagram: @workoutbean
  • Snapchat: workoutbean
  • Twitter: @workoutbean
Thank you Jera for sharing a little bit of your story


  • who inspires you everyday?