#FEELGOODMOVEMENT - Jill Payne @SpiritualAthlete

You know they always say "we are what we think" and that our life is defined by the choices we make? well, I bet you and me agree on it, but when you have a busy life, it is easier said than done. 

You know, walking up late and already tired for a cup of coffee, going to work, workout, make lunches, go out and well, try to have a life it is exhausting. Then we think to ourselves, but why I have all this back pain and stress if it seems I do everything right? I know girl, it is crazy. Sometimes I can't understand it either. I take yoga classes, I workout and eat healthy but it seems that this stress keeps coming back. 

Then I think to myself, Ok, I need to change, take things easier and meditate, but that actually never happens. Why? well..it is a new habit and it takes time to adjust. 

This weekend tho, I learned how to shift all that energy into a happier and more enjoyable life.

I was invited by powers pr to attend Jill Payne's workshop at BSX, and wow girl. WOW! 

photo by Powers Pr Instagram

Jill Payne is a well known Celebrity trainer, training celebs like Gisele Bündchen! - she is also an executive speaker, leading workshops for Fortune 500 companies. Jill has develop a training program that focuses on pleasure (not pain), and quick results. Her training programs go beyond physical fitness, the help people access their energy and potential, and enhance optimal life performance.

I got the chance to be part of her workshop and get a glance of what Jill and her training method is all about. 

We started by sitting down and learning about "how to live like a 10" and the 3 areas we should focus to get to that 10.

But how? imagine that friend that is always upset and complaining about everything, the rain, the cold, the not toast enough bread, that friend will be constantly living on a a zero, energy is low, it will probably have a hard time working out or getting out of their house, or simply attracting good energy. Now let's say that friend has a new goal, like having a six pack, well, that friend will probably will end up hating working out and eating healthier because it is putting all it's energy into all the bad things, but what if, that friend puts its energy in how they really want to feel? let's say confident! so, they start walking up straight, and making an effort on smiling and having positive thoughts, and maybe finds out they really like spinning. Being confident then will be easier because they are enjoying life and having fun, and results will come. Then the focus is put on a feeling instead of a physical result, causing less stress and more enjoyment. 

Easier to say then done, right? but, think about it right now, how do you feel? what are you doing to feel that feeling you really want? what are you telling to yourself?

Ok, now that you are having nice talks with yourself lets talk about the 3 things we should be focusing on to get to a 10! Jills talks about our Body, Focus and Dialogue. Like, moving our body everyday, a little dance to shake the stress out, a workout, a swim, or whatever it is that makes your body move around. That way you will wake up that energy inside you to make you feel happy and awake. It is easier to start a new project when you are pumping in energy than when you are sitting alone watching tv all day. Get up, move around and let's go! - Also, Jill taught us how to activate our glutes, core and how to proper breath (pregnant women belly!). Focus in the positives, yes, choose those happy thoughts and great things that have happen today and focus on that. Because good vibes attracts more good vibes. Isn't more fun hanging out with people that are happy and positive than the opposite, right? and dialogue, aka positive self talk. We all have that horrible friend inside of our head that tell us we are not worth enough, or we don't look as good, or we don't have enough, but let's shift that around and make it into our cheerleader. Talk positive to yourself everyday all day, because YOU are worthy. It might be silly and hard at the beginning but if you are on the middle of a workout and you hear "no you cant" say instead "YASS you can, you are a badass" and you will see the change right away! 

After all this information, Jill lead a HIIT workout that got us sweaty! but it was so much fun because we all had a positive mindset and were ready to enjoy it. 

We finished the workshop with all vegan smoothies from revolution juice  and chatting about everything. I think is the first class/workshop that I attend that people actually stay after to talk, make friends and they are not rushing out the door. You can tell good energy was flowing! 

After the event with Jill! - wearing all Reebok 

The one thing I want to leave you with, is to move and think intentionally. It is easy to live in the future and move onto the next thing, but think what is happening now, what are you telling yourself, how are you feeling and how do you want to feel, and then act according to it. 

I hope this weekly wellness helped you to have a better week, and if you get the chance to attends Jill's workshop or doing it online, I highly recommend it!