CALIFORNIA TRIP: Joshua Tree and what we did!


Last week I had the luck to travel to the west coast with Matt. It was my first time hitting that part of America and I was stocked. One thing I love is the heat. I thrive on a good sunny day. Every winter I wonder why I live on the North East but that’s a conversation for another day. So yes, I was stocked to be on sunny California!

The purpose of the trip was for matt to get to a work conference, so I decided to tag along and get there a few days earlier with him and escape to Joshua Tree. 

Magical would be the perfect word to describe that area. From the night sky, the peace, noise free town, to the vegan and healthy options (yep, endless) and amazing people. Everyone was beyond nice, helpful and with so much character (there was no room for basic babes or bros 🙏🏽🙌🏽😂) 

Obviously that part of the trip was the best. We got a cabin trough Air BnB, flew to LAX, stop to eat and grocery shop, and hit traffic (typical LA) before our magical desert weekend started. 

Once we left Joshua Tree the reality hit us and we had to come back to town. Matt went to his conference and I battled through a heat wave (102 degrees minimum). Ventured around Huntington beach and Newport on my own, did some hot yoga (ironic) and swam at the hotel pool cause those waves weren’t a joke! I was a bit sick the last couple days but I still made it to a few must cafes. 

Below you’ll find the restaurants we hit, the places we went and the photos matt and I took.


  • Sage vegan bistro (Culver City) - We got the Jackfruit Nachos, mole bowl and BLTA pizza - 
  • The Natural Sisters Cafe (Joshua Tree) - We went here everyday on Joshua Tree, we tried so much! We loved the curry burrito and egg less tofu sandwich. 
  • Seabirds Kitchen (Costa Mesa) The mains were amazing but the Chaffle (a churro waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and chopped walnuts) was AMAZING!!!
  • Jan's Health Bar (Huntington beach) Super low key local salad bar. I got a salad with the soy turkey and I was surprised how good it was!
  • My Blue Bowl (Orange) OMG this smoothie bowl bar. SO GOOD! You get to choose toppings and build your own bowl with options like acai, charcoal mixes, overnight oats, and more. SOOOOO GOOD!  
  • Vegan Pizza (Orange) - Your typical pizzeria but made vegan. From BBG jackfruit to "pepperoni". So good, cheap and super close to the hotel we stayed at #Dangerous.
  • Cafe Gratitude (Newport) - If you are vegan you have heard of it, if you are not but you own a cellphone and have Instagram, you have heard of it. Seriously tho, everyone in California post about this place, so I had to go. It was REALLY good. It definitely worth the hype. I got a special mix of tacos (since it was Taco Tuesday), the nachos (amazing) and a Michelada (tomato sauce/juice with beer). 
  • Healthy Junk (somewhere in SoCal) Everything sold here is vegan and delish. Like the name says. We got the Anaheim Chili Pepper burger (it has the Impossible Burger!), Chili Chez fries, and Wet Burrito (very similar to a Torta Ahogada). 

I also ate a few times at the hotel, and we cooked a bunch at Joshua tree. 


  • Ra Yoga (Costa Mesa) - Hot yoga with a pretty cool studio. At the end of the class the instructor turned tiny lights that made it look like stars. Very zen. (Highly recommend the studio, great workout and next to Cafe Gratitude). 
  • The 12 (Costa Mesa) HARD, AF. My kinda training. I didn't posted on Instagram #Opsie but if you can try it. DO IT. 
  • Gym circuits. Yep. I did my own circuits at the hotel gym and outside our cabin, minimal equipment a lot of sweat. 
  • Move With audio classes. I got access to the app a few weeks ago through a BBG OG friend from Boston that works for them, and I'm obsessed. It has 6 min stretches to 90 minutes audio yoga classes, HIIT, Strength, running, pilates and more. I've only used the yoga one and I'm obsessed. 
  • Oh and we played Croquet. I wasn't that bad to be honest lol

After Matt won Croquet!

We really hope you enjoyed the photos, and I hope you've been bitten by the travel bug as much as we have. Traveling is fun and it can be active and healthy. Not every meal has to be perfect, not every workout has to get done, but that is ok. Traveling is about to move around, get to know people, places and exploring. 

I can't wait to show you our next moves.