Jugos Detox

As a smoothie lover and firm believer than eating is way better than replacement shakes, I never thought a detox would be in my cards. But here we are! 

With my Jugos Boston Six Pack - we choose the "Verde" pack. 

But why a detox? and well, although there are many ways to detox (eating more veggies than normal, taking process food out of your diet, refined sugars and grains out of your diet) juice cleanse has been something I have never done. 

Matt and I, have been eating a plant-based diet for the past 9 months, and although we eat pretty well (in compare with your average Joe), we have found that we haven't eat how we really wanted. We've been eating too many grains, tortillas, bread, and vegan substitutes, such as tofu, cheese, mayo, etc. We know they are not bad for us, but we have become slaves of them. Which wasn't our goal when we decided to eat a plant based diet. Plus, traveling has been huge in the past few months, and well, we have been eating out way too much. From amazing vegan restaurants in Australia, to vegan pizza in Boston and fried quesadillas in México. Our body needed a restart. That's when we decided that a detox, followed by a week of eating a pure plant based diet, AKA avoiding all process foods (bread, tortillas, rice, sauces, oils), would it be a perfect way to hit restart. 

Before I get into much detail on how we will conquer does 7 days, specially after eating so many fried bean sopes and quesadillas in México, let me tell you why a detox is very important. 

I read somewhere that if I want to get the best out of your veggies, actually assimilating all the nutrients, your body has to be clean first. Meaning that when we eat fried, process foods, and/or refined sugars, our bodies retain toxins and even if you eat a pretty clean diet, tons of veggies and fruits, our bodies won't assimilate their nutrients as well because of those toxins, so doing a juice cleanse as detox, help our bodies eliminate all those toxins to then start getting all the goodness from our veggie friends.  

Here some benefits our friends at Jugos Boston told us:

"Juice cleanses are an easy way to give your body a kick-start on health. Switching to a nutrient-rich, liquid diet eases the digestive system and allows the body to focus on deep healing and detoxification. Juice cleanses are perfect anytime you feel like you need a little pick-me-up. They can be especially helpful in:

  • Introducing a new, healthier routine into your lifestyle
  • Helping the body to recover after occasions of over- indulgence, such as holidays
  • Getting back on track, when energy is low and lagging
  • Making you glow, inside and out"

We choose the 1 day cleanse and the "Verde" six pack. You can find more info about detox here, and don't forget to look for the after my Jugos detox entry, and follow along my day on Instagram. I bet I will be hangry most of the day! 

Now is your turn! Have you done a detox before?