Where are all my sweat addict babes? I’ve spent the past four years trying to figure out the best way to clean and keep my leggings in good shape. I mean, my pair of lulus need to last me a long time. 

But, in order to get the smells and stains completely out of my clothes, I needed multiple washes. And don’t get me started on Matt’s running shirts and socks. Yikes. 

To me, clean and fresh clothing is important, but it has to be good for the planet as well. I really put effort into finding products that can be recycled or compostable. 

I’ve tried a few all natural detergents, and although they are great with my “normal clothes” they really suck with my workout clothes. And well, 98% of my laundry is workout clothes. Sometimes I change three times a day! That’s a lot of laundry and a lot of detergent.

hex performance review

When I saw a few fellow fitness bloggers trying HEX, I got super interested. Then I heard Rich Roll, a podcaster, ultra runner and vegan idol of ours, talking about HEX on his podcast, and well, I got very interested and intrigued. Was it worth the hype? Let me tell you… it is. 

Hex Performance reached out not long after I heard Rich Roll talk about it. I naturally said yes. I really needed a new laundry detergent that worked, and I was ready to take it to the test.

hex performance review

Hex Performance laundry detergent is made specifically with athletic wear in mind. While other detergents use heavy fragrances to mask odors, HEX detergent is designed to clean performance synthetic fabrics without the use of these heavy fragrances. It also has a non-allergenic molecule that helps to proactively prevent future stink and stains.

We took Hex Performance laundry detergent for a test, and let me tell you it worked. We purposely washed a lot of clothes at the same time. We used two single-dose little bags, as the instructions suggested. HEX Performance Advanced Laundry Detergent comes in a Fresh Clean scent and Free + Clear (that’s the one I tried). As the name implies, the Free + Clear leaves clothes smelling fresh with no fragrance at all. I personally like a tiny smell, but Matt prefers nothing at all, so it was perfect for us.

HEX Performance is also eco-friendly, which is a massive plus for me. It has a biodegradable formula and the packaging leaves a much smaller carbon footprint as they stay away from plastic bottles.

In addition to removing odors as it cleans, HEX Performance detergent is also made to help prevent future odors. Happy days for future sweaty shirts from Matt’s runs, and my sweaty sports bras after a spin class, uh-mazing, so I’m excited to continue using it!

hex performance


I personally use the same detergent for all my clothes, and even use the Laundry Odor and stain remover for my white shirts, to keep them extra white, and Anti-Stink sprays for all our runners/sneakers. 

Use my unique code HEX-2W76K3 to receive 20% off a HEX Starter Kit!

What is your secret to keeping your sports clothes clean and fresh?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HEX Performance. All opinions and text are mine.