Need some inspo to start the challenge? Finding excuses to not doing it? or you just simply think is too late?

Here some answers for you:

Look at the babes below, they are just regular girls, like you and me. Most of them are working out or super early or literally on their PJ's before going to bed. Those girls are my inspiration, and I promise you, they can be yours!

To join this challenge, you need two things. Commitment and a yoga mat. No fancy workout clothes, no 3 hours at the gym and no equipment. Just you and your williness to become the better version of yourself. 

Lunch break? take 50 seconds to do Day 3. 

Scrolling through Instagram? scroll while you hold a plank for 50 seconds. 

Babe time? ask babe to hold a plank with you. 

YOU CAN DO IT. WE CAN DO IT. We are here togehter and we are finishing together.

Join our tribe, our squad, our family. 

Babes on the challenge, YOU are killing it! Thank you for inspiring me. Is only day 2 and we are already making this squad bigger :)

Ana Alarcon