Our plank challenge is starting TODAY! I hope you are ready because I have put up an amazing month of plank variations and challenges for us to get our core stronger than ever!

Every 10 days I will post the workouts and challenges for that phase, that way you can plank in advance. You can download the image below, save it on your phone and use it as a guide. You can also pin it and save it on Pinterest! Each day shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes.

You can add this challenge to your current workout routine, either before for warm up or after as finisher. You can also use it if you are starting your fitness journey, it will help you build core strength and practice proper form. No equipment is required. You only need a yoga mat and enough space for you to move around. 

I want this challenge to be fun! and to keep us accountable. I know that after a few days, or during the weekend, we might lose motivation, but just remember that it's quick, and that more girls will be doing it, just look for #LetsPlankChallenge for motivation, or bring your mum, neighbor, coworker to plank with you! Don't forget that the more people you invite to the challenge the more chances you get to win cool swag!

Alright, are you ready???

Look at the end of the post for cues and tips for a perfect plank! 

Here are some cues and tips for a perfect plank:
Ana Alarcon