IS HERE!!!!!

Phase 2 is here, and can't wait to start!

This phase is a little bit different. Primary focus will still be the same, which is strengthen our core. However, I am changing the format and we will be doing quick circuits. Why? because our body needs to change it up a little bit, it will add challenge and you will learn other exercises. 

The image below summarizes what you will be doing within the next 10 days. However, let me explain you a bit more. 

Each day will include a series of workouts that you will be repeated 3 times (see the challenge if you need an extra push), and it will increase difficulty every day. The moves are shown all the way at the end of this page, but I will post videos on instagram too! 

For example, day 1: You will hold a low plank for 30 seconds, then without stopping you will change into a right low side plank and hold it for 30 seconds, right after you will change into a left low side plank and hold it for 30 seconds. Once the time is up, you will rest for 10-30 seconds. Repeat the same format another 2 times. Total of 3. 

Alright, let's get into it. 



1. Don't laugh at my face while holding these planks :p

2. Make sure to take special note on form, and take extra rest if needed. This is about you! It is great to push yourself but without hurting yourself. 

Don't forget to share your results by using #letsplankchallenge and #letsplankchallengesquad -

I am watching you babes  

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