#MamacitasMonday: Madison Rose Ciccone

#MamacitaMonday is a glimpse in the life of a babe that inspire Boston (and beyond!) - someone that not only teaches fitness classes but is making an impact. I take classes with this babes, work with them or happen to meet them. You bet they all look gorg while teaching but they are more than that, and I know you want a peek ;)

Photo provided by Maddy. 

Maddy is a Boston SoulCycle Instructor, badass woman and full time unicorn, as her Instagram bio states. But that's why I love her. Maddy is Maddy. Plain and simple. She is 100% herself all the time. Confident but warm and always making you feel like a rockstar. 

If you have taken Maddy's classes then you know she is pure energy, and does not mess around. Read below, get to know her, follow her and let her put you in a good mood. 

Photo by Nick Cosky

AA: Ok, in one sentence tell us who you are? (where are you from, where did you grow up, guilty pleasure, etc.) 

MC: Soulcycle Instructor. Full Time Unicorn. Lover of the Light. Rhode Island to Nashville to Hollywood to Boston... for now Lenny & Larry's Protein Cookies Glitter Catsuits Dance Parties

AA: What got you to start teaching fitness classes? 

MC: I was riding podium at SoulCycle in Los Angeles for the Master Instructor's and people kept asking me why I didn't teach and then one day I was like "Yeah... why DON"T I teach?" The rest is kind of history.

AA: What is your wellness secret? (what do you do no matter what) 

MC: Dance... always and forever since I was a very little girl. Whenever I have a nervous breakdown or a WTF moment I need to dance it out whether that is taking an actual hip hop class, or going to a flowy yoga class, or going to a party or dare I say it A CLUB I need my dance and movement. Getting OUT OF MY BODY is the secret sauce.

AA: I'm super inspired by your dedication to teaching and the fitness industry, what motivates you? 

MC: I read a lot... like a lot A LOT! That's I think the secret to staying motivated and fresh. I also like taking different classes around the Boston Community with many of my friends... we have a tight knit fitness community here and its always fun to drop in and surprise them!

Some of my favorites...

  • The Expectation Hangover - Christine Hassler
  • Spirit Junkie - Gabrielle Bernstein
  • The Gift of Imperfections - Brene Brown
  • Two Turns from Zero - Stacy Griffith

Photo by Nick Cosky

AA: When times are hard, how do you channel your inner badass? 

MC: GRRRRRRR... does growling count? I have a lot of little mantras I say to myself when I need to get through some tough SH*T. My favorite one is, "It doesn't get EASIER... you get STRONGER." Whenever I'm really tired and feel like I can't possibly go on I say this over and over until I am good again.

AA: Being a Fitness instructor and having crazy schedules, do find hard to balance your life and take care of yourself? what advice would you give? 

MC: TAKE VACATION TIME! This is something I have had to learn the hard way! You are not a MACHINE you are a HUMAN. To avoid BURN OUT you gotta get the HECK OUTTA TOWN!

AA: What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal? 

MC: Ummmm... a Unicorn...

AA: What is your favorite way of exercise? 

MD: Yoga is my first passion. Everything else is secondary or has evolved from that.

AA: What is your badass quote? 

MC: Bigger Risk // Bigger Reward

AA: Where can we catch you? 

MD: Newbury Street or Juice Press or Soul

AA: Where can we follow you? 

MC: @maddztaddz