MamacitasMonday: Kara Duval

Not long ago, I stumbled upon Kara's Instagram, I was so impressed with her pilates technique and how easy she made it look. Soon after she host it a few classes at Reebok Boston Showroom, and sold out within minutes. I finally met her at Everybody fights, where we both teach, and I was instantly in love with her. She is this tiny blond babe that knows how to engage a room within seconds. I feel even more in love with her when I saw her love for México. 

Kara is a fitness professional, and teaches over 20 classes a week (damn you girl!), if you go to her class you will figure out why she looks so freaking good 24/7.

Read all about her below:

AA: Ok, in one sentence tell us who you are? (where are you from, where did you grow up, guilty pleasure, etc.)

KD: I'm a mover and shaker born and raised in Boston, MA. Im a former ballet dancer turned Pilates/fitness instructor, so my whole life has been dedicated to movement. I live in the Seaport with my older sister and when I'm not teaching or taking other badass instructors classes, I'm exploring new and old restaurants and finding jams for my class playlists!

AA: What is your favorite way to move your booty AKA working out?

KD: My favorite form of exercise (currently) depends on my mood! Some days I love to stick to my Pilates and Barre routine, some days I love a good butt kicking in Bags and Body at EBF, and some days I love to run it out at Barry's Bootcamp!

AA: If you could be one type of exercise, which one would you be and why?

KD:If I could be one form of exercise I would be Pilates. 100 percent. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. It's structured and disciplined but also so freeing and empowering. I'm so fascinated by the human body (and always have been) so I love how interconnected the mind and body have to be in the practice.

AA: What gets you out of bed, and says I wanna teach today?

KD: Some days getting out of bed feels impossible. Some days that 430 am alarm feels like a punishment but when I arrive at the studio, my mood just changes. The people, the music, the movement, the reactions, the feedback (even the negative). I'm wildly passionate about what I do and I truly believe in what I I think it's the passion that is always the true alarm clock.

AA: When times are hard, how do you channel your inner badass?

KD: When times are tough the easiest way for me to get into the game and feel like a badass is listening to music. I'm a HUGE believer that music can transcend emotions. I also allow myself to feel my emotions. When times are tough, I'll talk about it, I'll allow myself to get pissed off. We are all human, so it's ok to show the imperfections of having a bad day. I'm also a true believer that a good nights sleep cures everything.

AA: How would you describe your happy place?

KD: I can give you a great example of one of my happy places. In San Jose Del Cabo, there is a tiny organic farm called Flora Farms. Every year, my family goes to Mexico and we go to this farm together. Between the live music, the amazing food, the drinks, the smell of the fresh vegetables and flowers, it's just magical. My sister and I both agree that it's our favorite day of the year.

AA: If could spend your life in one place, where would it be?

KD: If I could spend my life in one place I would choose Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Well, maybe my parents home in Quechee, VT. I will always choose the mountains over the beach!

AA: What is your badass quote?

"Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Dylan Thomas

AA: Where can we catch you?

KD: You can catch me at North End Yoga, EverybodyFights, C2 Body and FLX Wellness at the Millennium Tower

AA: Where can we follow you?

KD: You can follow me on Instagram @karaduvalpilates