MARCH FAVORITES, from leggings to Netflix shows.

I don't know about you, but this month it is flying by like crazy. I swear it was NYE like yesterday. Either way, this year has been such a blast so far, and I have been introduced to brands that I am obsessed with it, and also tips that I want to share with you. 

In this blog I will list my latest favorites, if you have read my January and February, you know I love to list everything, from shows, to activewear. This blog post it is not sponsored at all, but I do get some products for free or some might be affiliate links. Either way, I love sharing this with you every month, and I hope you like it too! I just like to be super real and honest about anything. 

Ok let's get started!


To see all my favorite ones check out my latest vlog, but here I will sow you my Top 3!

1. Wear it to heart Peach Mercury set. It is super comfy, super high waisted and the details are to die for. The back is open and has mesh with the same colors as the fabric. They are thick enough for squats, but thin enough for spring. The print it is super cute to me, and I have been wearing them a lot lately. I wear a size small and they fit perfect!

2. Gymshark seamless purple wash set. I had to et them after all the noise on social about them. I was a bit skeptical to be honest, but I really like them! I get on X-small the first time and it was big NO. They were way to tight on me. I changed them for the small and they are perfect. They are squat proof, the side mesh is super cute, and the top is super flattering. Down side is that you can see the sweat everywhere, but I still love them!

3. My first ever Lululemon pair of leggings. Yeah, this gal has never own anything Lulu. But I gave in and went to try out so many options and end up loving the Wunder Under on Persian Blue. And wow! I swear is my favorite pair of leggings ever. I will give a full review on Instagram, so keep your eyes peeled! 



1. Matt and Nat "leather" wallet. How effing cute is the color?! I was using a phone wallet case for a while and got very tired of it. So I switched to an actual wallet couple months ago and I love it. I was looking for something beautiful, good quality and vegan, and Matt and Nat have the best products. They have sooooo many options that fit to anyone, and the vegan leather is insane. You will think is actual leather. I got the Twin moddle on Orchid color. 

2. Takeya water bottle and tumbler. You might know that I am trying to bring my wattle bottles everywhere to avoid waste as much as I can, and I recently got a massive tumbler but I wanted a smaller one and one just for water. These takeya products are BPA free, and keep hot and cold drinks for hours. The color choice is obvious for me but they do have more cute options. 

One thing I do love more about this brand than others, is their lid. The tumbler is able to close which is a fame changer. 


1. My 20 min stair master time. If you have been following my fitness journey for a while you know I wasn't doing any cardio for a few months, but I changed my training recently and added 20 min stair master sessions. I wasn't a big fan but I love it now. It is so mental, and I break a goo sweat, my legs are definitely feeling it and seeing some results and I am all about it!  

2. Well still obsessing over weight lifting. I love a good lifting session and honestly it is the only thing that has kept me motivated for a while. Here is what a day at the gym looks for me. 


1. Youtube. Ughh sooo obsessed! I could watch and watch videos all day long. Here are a few channels I binge watch on:

- Sarah's Day - all fitness, health and life. Aussie obvi. 

- Meggan Grubb. English mamacita, she is the cutest thing and her workout are killaaaahh

-Pointless blog vlogs - if you have ever watched Youtube you have watched Alfie and Zoellas stuff, and well... I'm obsessed. Their vlogger life is bananas. 

- Jinti Fell - Another Aussie, she and her family have been living and traveling full time on a van and they are just the cutest!!! 

2. Morocco: Love in times of War on Netflix. Ok ya know I am obsessed with Spanish shows, like OBSESSED. Well this show is obviously Spanish. Is set on the Rif war in 1921, which is also called the second Moroccan war. It was in between the Rif tribes and the Spanish and French authorities. Which makes everything super dramatic along beautiful dresses and accents. Ok, go binge watch now. SOOOO GOOD! 

Ok ok, and that's it mamacitas. Some new stuff and some old things that I have been using so much lately and that you have probably seen a lot lately. 

What have you been obsessing over recently? Let me know in the comments!