Maven is in town!

Last month I was invited to try Maven, and join Boston athletes in a unique experience, train at Every Body Fights, by George Foreman III or EBF, as we know it. 

If you know me, you know that since living in NYC I haven’t find owning a car quite as important. Now, that I have been living in Boston, I can tell you that I certainly don’t need one. I live so close to downtown and to the hot spots that simply walking and public transportation does the job for me. However, sometimes, and most summers, I love just to pick a car and drive to the beach, go for a hike o simply go to for a big shop without wondering how much my arms can carry. So, when I was invited to try Maven, I was super excited! 

If you tend to rent cars, you how hard it can be. From dealing with ridiculous weekend prices to weird hours, renting a car for a day can be painful and stressful, or even when you can rent a car for a day, you still need to go through an application process that can take weeks. Ugh, annoying.

But let me tell ya ma friend, with Maven ain’t the case. Besides having beautiful cars, Maven is so easy to use.

3 easy steps, you download the app. Create your account and get approved super fast, find your car. DONE! Yep. I am serious. It is also super affordable! AND you can add your music to it. I only had to connect my phone to the USB and google play will sync with my phone. All my favorite music and playlists were there. I honestly could write more and more. But, you definitely have to try it! 

OK, one more thing. It is SUPER easy to use and you can find your car around the city. If you feel adventurous, get a Maven and drive with me to my next beach camping adventure. Just picture this, great music, smooth driving and yoga at sunset.





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