Monday Obsessions (Seis)

Sup, hello, como estan guapas? 

Going a bit cray here, cause this past week has been pretty damn awesome!

The week before I had this major breakdown, I spend two days, YES, TWO DAYS in bed. I was feeling depressed, lost and somehow just wanted to quit everything. I wasn't feeling myself. To be honest, laying in bed scrolling trough Instagram didn't help at all. I had major FOMO, jealousy and started to doubt in myself. I just wanted to be like one of those Instagram famous girls that seem to have their shit together. 

Thank you to Matt and his words of support, love and wisdom, I got up the next day feeling determined and ready to crush my goals. After all, I told myself, the days will pass wether I am seating in bed crying and feeling sorry for myself or if I get up, make a plan and attack it. So, I did it. I made a schedule for my week. and I conquered. After a few days, my excitement started to wear off, and those negative thoughts started to kick in again. It was hard, but I didn't want them!

Sunday came in and I knew I had to run longer than before. Almost hating Matt for "making" me do it, I ran. I kept hearing this voice inside my head wanting me to stop, and I even told Matt I wanted to stop, but he said "NO". I tried to change my mindset and started to think WHY I am doing it, and that I needed to proof myself I was stronger than my excuses; and I finished. I felt like a million bucks, I knew that I could do whatever I wanted, longest I set my mind to it. 

This morning, I got up and got myself to the gym. Crushed it and came back ready to attack my week. I started to think what are my latest obsessions to write about. As I said it before, my aim is to write obsessions that hopefully motivates YOU to be better, not only to spend some bucks in material things (even though, I am loving my new runners!). 

So here they are:


Completely close the door to negativity thoughts, right NOW! Negative thoughts are like bad friends; those friends that influence you to do things you don't want to. The more you hang out with them, the more you become them.

Last week, when I was seating crying feeling sorry for myself, the only thing I was thinking was the bad things I am, all the negatives. Nothing change on that day and my self-esteem kept going down until I started to shift it for positive thoughts. I started to make a list of the things I have accomplished this year, my wins, how much I have growth, the community I have around me, my new friends. Until then, I felt powerful, confident and ready to crush it.

So, every time you get a negative thought, give yourself 3 positive ones. You will see the shift in yourself. 


If you haven't seeing my snapchats (which add me right meow), I have been obsessed over a few nutrition books. One of them is called "How not do die"  - in this book, Dr. Michael Greger MD, talks about the 15 leading causes of death in the United States and how to prevent them with a plant based diet. It is super interesting to read, not only to know more about the reproduction of cancer cells or how to prevent diabetes; but to get a few tips in how to make your life better. 

As someone that tends to overtrain, and that now is training for a half marathon, I wanted to give my body the best and the proper fuel to recover faster and better. 

In the book, Dr. Greger pointed to Turmeric and Berries (specially blueberries) as anti-inflammatory and how they can speed recovery by reducing muscle pain after working out and more specifically after long distance running. If you want more info go here and here.

When someone ma friends tell me I can eat more berries to help my body recover I am the first one to buy the whole market. I have been adding berries in smoothies, oats and eating them frozen. Also, I am adding turmeric in my post-workout meals, like oats, smoothies or tofu scramble. 

Now, is your turn:

  • what are your latest obsession?
  • have you tried turmeric?

Until the next one,