Muck Fest MS Recap

I have never been a big runner or anything related to get dirty. I was quite a princess while growing up to be honest. I liked dancing for my cheerleader team, get pretty and go out. Until I got to try Crossfit. I did it for almost year right before moving to NYC, and loved it. It just made me feel powerful and a badass. 

Since then, I haven't try anything that made being scared and excited at the same time. Until I got invited to run the Muck Fest!

I have always thought that any obstacle races were scary and pretty much an unattainable goal for me, but I said to me "what the hell" let's do it. 


The Muck Fest MS race, is a 5k obstacle race with honestly the best obstacles ever! 

Their beliefs caught so much my attention, and had to say yes! here what they say "This event is built for laughs, but we’re also on a serious mission to support people living with multiple sclerosis and to bring us closer to a world free of MS. 100% of fundraising dollars go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society."

This race wasn't to compete against each other but to bring us together. 

I was originally going by myself but I knew I needed to have friends by my side to make it even more fun. So I brought Sarah, one of my friends from Boston. Sarah has done a few obstacle races, so I knew she will love it!

On the day of the race, we met at a coffee shop in Boston to get coffee and some breakfast, then we drove for an hour until we got to the venue. 

The race was hosted outside the city, and has been hosted there for 5 years now. Since I had never ran an obstacle race before (in fact this was my second race ever!), I was a bit nervous and wasn't expecting much to be honest, besides getting dirty. 

I brought with me snacks, change of clothes and shoes, but forgot my towel, rookie move! 

Once we got there, we got to see so many people dressing up and so many teams, I was blown away of how many people were running through the day, and how many families were there. If someone wasn't running there was so many games and fun things to do, a great space for everyone.

The race had 18 obstacles, and it was super beginner friendly. I was thinking everyone was gonna be super competitive but completely the opposite, everyone was supportive and cheering for you. We ran almost the whole time but we saw tons of people jsut walking and honestly having a great time. 

The obstacles were easy to do, expect for the "crash landing" and the "tight rope" (see them here) - I always forget I hate heights until I am in the position of I need to jump from somewhere or climb (which is weird to happen to me, but hey...) besides that, I actually enjoyed and loved all of the obstacles.

I didn't train for the race to be honest, but I think that doing some strength training plus HIIT helped a lot! We didn't have to run for ages, maybe 800 meters tops at a time, which is completely doable - so if you are thinking in doing it, you won't need any crazy training. 

After the race, I realized how much I enjoyed it and that I would love to do more. As I said before, this was only my second race ever! which it is crazy, but I have been lucky to run 2 really amazing ones, and got the chance to experience the community, their support and most important the fun!

  • Have you done any obstacle races before? If so, Which ones?