My Current Fitness Routine – UPDATE!

Today I’m sharing with you what I really train like, the changes, the why, and really get into my goals with a new training program.


When I first started my instagram, I purely used it to keep my self-accountable while connecting with other girls following Kayla Itsines guide, BBG.

Back then, my goal was to lose weight and get a six pack, like many other girls out there starting a new fitness routine. I wasn’t overweight, or unfit, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I completed the guide twice with zero problem; I was pretty motivated and determined to reach my goals. AND I DID. I lost weight, got a semi flat stomach and felt better than ever.

During that period I met amazing women in Boston and online, and with a social media account on the rise, I was getting approached by different local fitness studios to come and try their classes in exchange for a shout out. AND that’s how my addiction to fitness classes started.

I’m calling it an addiction because I LOVE being in the same room with 40+ people, blasting loud music, breaking a sweat while laughing at silly jokes by the instructor. That energy makes my heart full, and that is the pure reason I kept coming back.

My fitness routine went from a very disciplined one, sometimes stressful and restrictive, to a very chill one. Bouncing from class to class around the city, trying new things and meeting new people. In the meantime, I was getting certified to become a fitness instructor, and started teaching.

I felt like my “fitness” was getting a bit lost.  Yes, I still loved taking classes and teaching them, it still makes me soooo HAPPY. However, I didn’t have structure, a goal, or even motivation sometimes. I was very scared to say I wanted stronger and leaner legs, because I was going to be judged by the community. 

With all those thoughts and wonderings, I bounced between classes, fitness guides, running attempts, and not doing anything, feeling lost and unmotivated.

Until one day I decided to really think about what I wanted, why I wanted it, and how could I get it.

SO, what do I want?

I want to feel damn good in my own skin, I want to feel strong again, get stronger legs, and a leaner body. I don’t feel ashamed about it, and I do believe it is ok to have aesthetic goals. I will use my past experience to make this one a healthier one. I also want structure, something I can follow and I can tick off, but I want it to be for me. Not a generic guide you buy online.


I have been doing fitness classes for so long, that working out by myself was feeling weird, and needed extra motivation, especially if I didn’t have a plan. Having a plan helps me stick to it, but also having my trainer in Boston helps me stay accountable.

Working towards a fitness goal is actually helping me work toward other goals, like blogging, recipe creation, teaching better fitness classes, and more!

HOW am I going to get those goals?

I could have continued doing hours of cardio or the same lazy routines but to reach my goals I had to change what I was doing. Ya know they say,  “We can't expect things to change, if we continue doing the same things.” So I had to commit to something different.

This new plan has been specifically for me by a Alejandra, a personal trainer friend of mine. She was super kind to create it and help me for a few days until I get the hang of it.

Here is what I’m doing: 5 lifting days that don’t take more than 45 minutes, and 2-3 days of cardio.

Here is an example of the breakdown for the first 3 weeks:

Day 1: Legs

Day 2: Shoulders and Abs

Day 3: Back and biceps

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Triceps, chest and Abs

Since my goal is to increase muscle mass, especially in my legs, lifting is my priority, and I have two leg days.

I’m incorporating cardio sometimes after an upper body day, just 25-30 mins on the stair master, or a HIIT circuit, or a fitness class (I mean ya know me now).  I rest one day a week, like not doing anything, just going for a walk, and yoga stretches after my sessions and sometimes a class, but keeping it light since it is already a lot of exercise on top of teaching 13 classes a week.

I have also changed my eating, and I decided to count macros to really see some changes in the next few months. I’m not super strict about it, and I keep my meals super healthy and mostly plant based (sometimes I have vegan pizza and ice cream, but nothing crazy) - I will write another post more specifically on macros, and a few meals as well.

For a while I was scared to put this out there on social, but honestly I can’t live my life scared of what others will think, and I rather welcome you into this journey hoping this can somehow motivate you, but also show you that we all are human and have some lows.

If you are more interested in how to track macros as a vegan and this new training program, let me know and of course reach out to Alejandra, she is the brain behind it!