My SWEAT APP + BBG Stronger Review

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Before I get started and I want to do a little disclaimer:

- Although I am a SWEAT contributor, this blog post it is not sponsored or was asked to do by the SWEAT team. I started the program before I was invited to write for the SWEAT blog. ALL comments and reviews are 100% mine. I promise to keep it as honest as I have done so far.

Ok... let's do it!

If you are not familiar with BBG or Kayla Itsines, let me give you a quick round down. Kayla Itsines is an Australian Personal Trainer. Kayla growth her Instagram profile thanks to amazing body transformations from her clients and after creating her 12 week workout program called "Bikini Body Guide" - this program is a circuit based guide that uses light weights and tons of bodyweight Plyometric moves. This guide was originally sold as a PDF document, and tons of girls were doing it (including me!). Every session last 28 minutes (more like 45 if you count warm up and stretching) - and it is super easy to do at home. 

Last year, Kayla launched her app called "SWEAT" where you have access to the same program, but it included a timer, music, and even a meal plan. You can see the exercise as a small video, has a calendar planner and so much info on their library section. It costs $19.99 AUD a month ($25 USD) and can sync with the apple watch.

Last month, SWEAT launched a new version that includes 4 different workout programs:

  • Body and Mind by Sjana Elise
  • Self - post pregnancy by Kelsey Wells
  • BBG Stronger by Kayla Itsines
  • BBG - the regular version

I have tried the app in the past, and have followed the BBG Stronger version fours weeks now. As BBG girl (i started doing it almost 2 years ago), I couldn't resist myself to try it and come back to the workouts that have had so much impact in my life. 

There is tons of things to change and cool things that I love in the app and new program, so I thought to give you a list of both of them, including the app usage. 


  • Well it costs. In the past you just have made a one time payment for the PDF and you would have the guide forever, now, if you cancel your subscription, you won't have access to the guide. Which sucks! 
  • BBG Stronger: Sometimes the machines for the day aren't free and well, you can't do your workout. I have the luxury to hit the gym whenever I want, so I do it on odd hours, like 9:30am or 2pm when is empty, that makes it so much easier, but if you are hitting rush hour it might be hard to keep the smith machine for yourself. 
  • You have to tap next after each exercise and you kinda loose time in between. I try to memorize each move to keep myself moving. 
  • The music only works if you have an apple music subscription, and don't, so I use Spotify. 
  • Because you have only 7 mins on each circuit and I always feel rush and want to do everything as fast as possible, I might don't be able to lift that much and possibly loose good form. 
  • If you do the yoga program, can be hard to follow since you have to be looking at your phone all the time. 


  • Having everything you need in one app it is amazing. Music, workout, meal ideas and calendar that syncs to my own calendar to plan my week. 
  • The new guide itself it is challenging and has made me feeling stronger already. 
  • It has less plyometrics (jumping moves) and I am not complaining about it. 
  • It is super easy to modify exercises if you want to do it at home, and you have the option of doing the old BBG version if you want to! 
  • It takes 28 minutes. This will always be the best of the best. 
  • It syncs to the apple watch and you can see the moves right there. 
  • It has made me accountable because I can visually see ticking my workout off and tracking my cardio, and stretches.
  • The yoga program its pretty cool, and like having a visual guidance.

If your goal is to rebuild or shape your body (growing thighs or booty) or increase your PR, it might not be the best fit, however, I've always thought that this program is great for toning, starting a fitness journey, getting leaner, stronger and overall maintain a weight. It get's harder ever week and you get stronger!

Moving on, I am going to so some regular BBG moves and here and there BBG stronger, since my knee and shoulder have been bothering a me little, but I love having the option of both! 

What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments!

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