Sometimes you need a pep talk and some music and other days a strong coffee. Not every day is the same, and sometimes we need a little extra help. 

When I started my fitness journey I felt super motivated and couldn’t find excuses, but as the time went on, and winter kicked in my mood and motivation changed. I found that we all have the same issues and that is ok to admit! Believe me, no one wants to get up at 5am everyday when it is -10C/20F outside. Well, not me at least. 

It might be the weather, work stress or personal issues, we all have bad days and our fitness journey can often be put on pause as a result. However, every single day we get the opportunity to choose how we want to live our life; you can choose to sleep in or to get up and move, it is really up to you. 

On my last post over on the Sweat blog, I spoke about how to make fitness a habit and the importance of having a routine. I chat about how the #sweat12wc can help you to achieve this as it has helped me! Go here to read my article and more of my tips.

Today, I wanted to give you actionable tools for those gloomy days, those days that you need an extra kick, coffee shot, or a simple high five to feel a bit better so you can crush the #sweat12wc

Next time you’re feeling a bit gloomy and thinking of skipping your sweat session remember why you started, your goals, how you will feel after…and if that fails then try some of my tips below to help lift your mood;

  1. Play your favorite song out-loud and dance around your apartment
  2. Play your favorite motivational talk such as a Ted Talk. This is one of my favorite ones.
  3. Go for a walk and listen to your favorite podcast 
  4. Do 10 sun salutations (the Sweat app has the BAM option!)
  5. Call a friend or family member
  6. Read motivational quotes. Google Dumbledore Quotes, I promise they are awesome
  7. Write your blessings
  8. Write down your achievements, maybe that you completed half of the #sweat12wc already and tell yourself you’re a BADASS!
  9. Make yourself your favourite coffee, matcha, tea or take yourself out for a meal
  10. Treat yourself with a manicure, hair cut, or even just sit down and watch your favorite TV show
  11. Write down your weekly plan, so you have something to look forward too
  12. Write down your favorite quote to set your day, mine is “YES YOU CAN!” 
  13. Research and set your sights on a new goal or idea
  14. Fake it until you make it and smile anyways, it feels good. 
  15. My personal favorite; just workout! Just do it!

Hopefully one, or a combination of my tips will help lift your vibe and get you back to feeling all sunshine and sparkly again. If not, then hang on tight, things will get better. Feel free to add any of your own mood boosters below!