Natalie AKA @spikyfit

If you don't recognize this name, maybe spikyfit will help you remember. 

Natalie, the mysterious BBG girl. A few things intrigued me about Natalie, and maybe you thought the same. 

Natalie shares her fitness journey on Instagram, and had successfully done it without showing her face! Yeap. Is certainly a mystery to me how she has done it and why, but don't let it fool you. This LA babe has proof that she has more than a strong body. Her words of encouragement and tips on living a healthier live shows everyday. She values friendship, hard work and dedication, and to be honest, all that is what you need!

She also has a pretty interesting mix of culture. Her husband is Korean, so no surprise her food photos are always the best (yummmm).

I will let you judge for yourself, but I am sure you will love Natalie as much as I do. 

My nickname is: 

Oh man! I’ve never really had a nickname! Feel free to call me Nat.

The first thing I do when I wake up is: 

I should probably say stretch or drink tea or something… but I…check Instagram. Doesn’t everyone? I love waking up every day to fresh inspiration and motivation. The fitness community is pretty incredible.

I can't live without: 

Hmm. In the order they popped into my head: kimchi, chocolate, Spiky (my Korean jindo), Mr. Spikyfit (my Korean husband). Eek!! Of course, the mister has to move to the front of the line because without him I’d only have chocolate, and as great as it may be, it just isn’t enough.

If I had one week to escape: 

Somewhere tropical! I’ve been really fortunate to be able to live in Paris and travel throughout Europe and parts of Asia, but I have never been to Hawaii or a tropical piña colada destination. I would love to do yoga on a secluded beach somewhere.

 If I only had $10 in my pocket: 

For food right? A BBG girl has got to stay fed for everyone’s own protection. It’s gotta be macarons or an acai bowl.

 Everything tastes better with a little:

Kimchi! I’m seriously obsessed! And it is so good for you. I actually just learned how to make it from scratch from my mother-in-law. I’m literally typing with spicy-scented fingers right now! I eat a lot of Korean food, so kimchi is a staple in my diet.

Throughout the last 9 months of my fitness journey, I have found that my passion is to encourage and empower. I am constantly in awe of how amazing everyone is and can be. I get SO much joy and satisfaction from encouraging others to work towards their goals because I know just how much it has changed my own life. So with that in mind…

My Top 4 Tips for the Fitness Newbie

Do give yourself a break. - If you are about to start your fitness journey or if you are a #bbgnewbie, please don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself some credit for even thinking about making a change. That’s a huge deal! Making small changes (more water fewer sugary drinks, more vegetables fewer chips, more doing less sitting)  will eventually add up to a drastic lifestyle makeover. Too much too soon is really hard to maintain! Just think of any fad diet or exercise you’ve tried in the past. Do allow yourself to make modifications to your exercises. Then when you’re ready, push harder. It is the greatest feeling ever to realize you can do more today than you could do yesterday!

Do build your squad. - You’ve heard all about #squadgoals, but seriously it makes THE difference. Sometimes the people in our “real” lives are not the most supportive. They may not understand why you want to make a change or they may even try to discourage you out of their own insecurities. Even if we have great “real-life” support, who would turn down more?! I can say wholeheartedly that I would never have lasted 9 months of BBG without my BBG babes. Creating a fitness Instagram was paramount to my success. Support and encourage others. What you will get in return is immeasurable.

Do throw out the scale. – It can’t measure your value or your happiness. If you are anything like me, you have lived your life with a goal weight in mind. “If only I weighed X-pounds, THEN I would be happy.” Stop the madness!! What I’ve learned is that self-love comes from self-investment. It’s easy to say “Just love yourself!” But in reality, it takes spending time, energy, and sweat to take the best care of your body.  That it what has given me the greatest sense of LOVE towards my body for the first time. I didn’t know if it was ever possible to love what I saw in the mirror, but if you spend time taking care of yourself, exercising for yourself, and fueling yourself with nutritious food, what you see will change. You will see your commitment, discipline, strength, and progress. Self-love starts with loving the body you have…by literally taking care of it. Disclaimer: I still have my scale and weigh myself from time to time but the big difference is that it doesn’t define my mood like before. I actually ended up gaining weight in muscle! Woohoo!

Don’t compare. - Your body, progress, wardrobe, smoothie bowl, account, abs, or vacation photos with anyone else. Use social media for the good it can offer, but be wary of hidden dangers. For the most part, we only see the manicured, posed, well-lit parts of others’ lives, but we are all human. Our bodies are all different. Our lives are different. Someone else’s beauty does not take away any of my own or yours! You are perfectly you!

Don’t make excuses. - A little harsh, but to me, necessary. I posted recently, “Tired, sore, lazy, busy, moody, anxious, stressed. We have that in common.” You CAN do this. Why has BBG spread like wildfire? It’s because we are just normal everyday human women. Teens, 20-somethings, post-partum moms, grandmothers, athletes, and newbies starting at every imaginable weight and fitness level. Spend a few minutes browsing #bbgprogress and tell me if you can stay on the couch for one more minute? If you want it bad enough, you got it! And I’ve got your back.

Thank you Natalie for sharing your story!

Until the next one,