MamacitasMonday: Nicole Perry

#MamacitaMonday is a glimpse in the life of a babe that inspire Boston (and beyond!) - someone that not only teaches fitness classes but is making an impact. I take classes with this babes, work with them or happen to meet them. You bet they all look gorg while teaching but they are more than that, and I know you want a peek ;)

This week I spoke with OG Boston blogger and Btone instructor, Nicole Perry. 

I took my first ever Btone class with Nicole, and remember thinking I wanted to be like her. I was super nervous to talk to her and still do (let's be real!) but love what she has done and what she has save for her future.

Nicole blogs full time and teaches at Btone, she quit her corporate full time job a few years ago to pursue her passion. If you know her, you know she the coolest in town, and her classes will leave you sore for days. 

Read more about Nicole below, follow her, read her blog and let her crush in class ;)

AA: Ok, in one sentence tell us who you are? (where are you from, where did you grow up, guilty pleasure, etc.)

NP: I grew up on Martha's Vineyard and after college moved to Boston where I now run my blog and teach group fitness classes. I'm a NASM CPT and am currently studying to be an aromatherapist because Blogger wasn't a weird enough job title for me.

AA: What is your favorite way to move your booty AKA working out?

NP: This is always evolving and changing, but I LOVE group fitness classes. I used to be all about at-home workouts, but when I started teaching, I found that the last thing I wanted to do after instructing all morning was self-motivate myself through my own workout—I'd much rather have someone else telling me what to do! I still do my own HIIT workouts at home a couple times a week, which I film for my blog and YouTube channel, but other than that it's a mix of megaformer, bootcamp, boxing, spin and yoga classes. Because I work alone from home, taking (and teaching) group fitness classes isn't just a workout for me—it's much-needed social interaction (LOL).

AA: If you could be one type of exercise, which one would you be and why?

NP: I'd like to think I'm best represented by a Child's Pose because I'm enjoyable, gentle, beloved by all, and someone that everyone looks forward to at the end of a long workout. *bats eyelashes* 

Just kidding. I'd probably be a plank. I like that at a glance it's a basic move (you're holding still after all), but there's so much more to doing it properly. If done correctly, it's a full-body move (mental as well!) and is the foundation of so many other exercises. I also feel like there's a profound metaphor in here somewhere about making progress in stillness but my creativity is drained after that Child's Pose analogy so I'm just gonna leave it at that.

AA: What gets you out of bed, and says I wanna teach today?

NP: Teaching is incredibly rewarding—a cliche but true statement. Especially now that I've been teaching some of the same clients for over three years, I see their progression and their improvement in not just physical strength but mental strength (trust me, I can see the effort you put into the workout!)—it's the best. And if just one person learns something new about proper form or what their body is capable of, that's worth getting out of bed for ... even when that alarm goes off at 4:45AM.

But I think it's important to also mention that I don't want to teach every day. I think a lot of people view fitness instructing as an ideal, flexible job where you get paid to workout (and it is pretty awesome). Like with any career though, you have days where you're exhausted, stressed, and the last thing you want to do is be peppy. On those days, I still slap a smile on my face and do my best to bring a positive energy to the studio because those 45 minutes aren't about me and what's going on in my life. It's 45 minutes that clients have set aside for themselves and they deserve a good workout. The cool thing is that even if I'm "faking" an upbeat attitude at the start of class, I always end my shift by genuinely feeling that way. It's impossible to leave the studio in a bad mood—yet another reason I love teaching.

AA: When times are hard, how do you channel your inner badass?

NP: Well before my inner badass makes an appearance, there's usually a pretty epic meltdown from my inner hot mess. But meditation is one of the best tools I have for dealing with hard times. I'm an over-thinker and at times a pessimist, so often I make situations worse in my head than they actually are. Meditating helps quiet that noise. 

AA: How would you describe your happy place?

NP: My happy place has always been at home, which has meant many different things to me throughout my life. Growing up that meant my parents' house, and when I went to college it broadened to just simply being on Martha's Vineyard. In my adult life, Boston feels like home. But it's not always a location. I feel at home when I'm reunited with high school friends, college girlfriends, my cousins, my family. It's the feelings of familiarity, comfort, love and belonging that define where "home" is to me at the moment.

Wow that was an unintentionally extremely cheesy response.

AA: If you could spend your life in one place, where would it be?

NP: A beach on a summery New England day with friends, family and a full cooler. Because the winters are so brutal and we don't always get a spring, summers are cherished and appreciated here like no other (Agreed!! -AA)

AA: What is your badass quote?

NP: "They endured."

I know, I know, I sound like an angsty teenager, but that's the last line of my favorite book ever The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner. Odd choice for a favorite book (and favorite quote), but I love old American literature. I'm not really an inspirational quotes person (I have arguably the least inspiring fitness Instagram account ever created), so I like that this sentence isn't all sunshine and roses. It's real. Sometimes there isn't an easy solution or a quick happy ending. Sometimes you must simply endure.

AA: Where can we catch you?

NP: Btone Fitness Back Bay: Wednesdays 6, 6:55 & 7:50AM and Thursdays 6 & 6:55AM

AA: Where can we follow you?