Vegan Anniversary + Inspiration

Wow, one year....! 

Exactly a year ago, I was on my way home from work when I got a text from Matt saying "we are going vegan" - I remembered seeing the text and thinking "what is happening to him" - short story short, here we are today celebrating our one year vegan anniversary.

A while back I wrote a few reasons why I went vegan (you can read here) and although all them are true, I keep thinking how can people know so much and not giving it a chance? I mean, there is nothing to loose, and a lot veggies never hurt anyone, right?

I wish I had an amazing and dramatic transformation so you can be like "wow going vegan is worth it" - but hey, I don't. Not an outside transformation at least. But what I do have, is an amazing change of mindset, knowledge and way more reasons to believe this was the perfect choice. 

Some of you might think that I am just a skinny girl, that has a few Instagram followers, that doesn't have a killer body or a health background..and might think, why is she keep talking about this. But what I do have, is a voice, and I am intending to use this voice to tell ya, that there is a way to have a better life. 

So let me tell ya what have happened in one year.

In one year, I have been sick 0 times, I have had a few times that I fell I will get sick, but nothing that has kept me on bed. I haven't had protein deficiency (if that is a thing), or have been low in nutrients. I have better skin, cero breakouts, my period is finally working normally, my digestion is sooooo amazing, like I visit the bathroom enough times without pills or shakes or any of that, my body just works fine. I feel stronger than ever, energized and healthy than ever before. 

I eat so much, more than I ever have (around 2,200 calories a day), and haven't gain any weight..or body fat. I don't worry about calories, macros, or any restrictive diet. I don't get stomach pain anymore or feel like I could explode after eating. 

The truth is, even tho I eat healthy and workout I don't have a six pack or big legs, or I am the strongest in the world, but I don't have to be for you to believe that by being vegan..or eating a whole food plant based diet, you are making a huge change not only in your body, but the people that is around you, the planet, the animals and the most important yourself. You are more than what your body looks like, and because you might have a fit body that doesn't mean you are healthy. 

I might not be the most qualified person to give you all the proven benefits of following a whole food plant based diet, but I can give you all the books and documentaries that I've read and watch, and that are written by doctors, R.Ds., athletes ..and more. 

Below, you will find the people that inspire me, not only to be healthy but to see that being vegan doesn't make you weak or unhealthy. 

Give them a follow, read their books and watch the docos!

Happy veggie year..let's bring on the veggies for many more ;)

Rich Roll - Ultra marathoner + book author

David Carter - NFL player 

Stefanie Moir - Blogger

Tia Blanco - Pro Surfer

Kimberly Snyder - Nutritionist and author.

Timothy Shieff -  World champion Freerunner – Ninja Warrior

If you have questions, doubts, or anything you want to share, let me know. I am more than happy to talk about it. Also, I follow tons of athletes, bodybuilders, doctors and more, that are great inspirations or that share recipes and tips. I am more than happy to share more with you.