3 Plank Variation Circuit

In case you haven't noticed, I love core workouts. A few months ago, I noticed that my upper strength was pretty much none existing. I read somewhere, that if your core is strong, everything else will follow. Since then, all must all my workout routines include a core day, or an extra core workout. 

PLUS, I hosted two core challenges on instagram cause well...sharing is caring right? If you missed them read about the latest challenge here.

Today, I decided to share my favorite core circuit. It is pretty easy to do, since you can do it even in bed! and you do not need any equipment.

High Plank: Keep the palms directly under the shoulders. Arms straight and spreading the fingers wide, middle finger pointing forward. Pressing down into the base of your fingers, weight evenly distributed across the hands. Legs straight, toes tucked under and facing forward. Imagine pushing back on a wall with your heels. Pressing the heels back is very important in helping keep the spine and neck in line and your bottom flat down.

Side Star plank: Lay on one side on the ground or a fitness mat, base the upper body on your forearm, the forearm is arranged vertically under your shoulder. The lower leg lies on the ground and the other arm lies on the upper thigh. Do not move your head to the side, hold it in extension to your spine.

Toe taps: keep same position as high plank. Tap one knee at a time to the ground. The move should be slow, and keeping your hips steel.


WEARING: Top and leggins Karma (use my code "aalarcon10" for 10% off) shore are Reebok.


If you are beginner, do not rush the workout, try your best and try one of this modifications. It is all about progress not perfection.

  • Keep the side star plank in your forearm, or simply stay on a low side plank.
  • Take 30 seconds break in between circuits .


Did you find it easy, or need an extra push? try this:

  • Instead of a high plank, hold a low plank.
  • Do each excercise for 45 seconds to a minute.
  • Add ankle weights to the star plank.

How'd things were for you? I would love to see how you did! Comment below or let me know on instagram!