Just came back, for the second time in a month, from Playa del Carmen. Honestly, I didn’t want to leave, and I can see myself coming back in the near future for a longer period of time.

Playa is the perfect mix between a large city and a small town. Has everything you need from a city, but you can still bike or walk everywhere. It is super close to Tulum, and the beach is still very pretty, and clean. 

As well, Playa Del Carmen is probably one of the cities in Mexico with more vegan options. I was surprised to see that even mainstream restaurant offered options. 

We obviously went to the all vegan restaurants, we tested a few and fell in love with some. 

Here’s my Vegan Guide To Playa Del Carmen!


playa del carmen vegan guide

Fresco Habito

If you are feeling like a healthy Buddha bowl, this is the spot for you. Relatively new, fresco habito offers delicious acai and Buddha bowls, smoothies, juices, and desserts. We tried a few different bowls and we loved them all. Also their black lemonade was really good. 

Just watch out, they use honey in some dressings. 

Prices are a bit hight in compare to Mexican street food. Still worth it. 

fresco habito bowls playa del carmen

The Pitted Date

If you are feeling like burgers, or an amazing dessert, TPD is a MUST.

TPD became famous due their “egg” omelette made of chickpea flour. But their menu has more then that. They often offer the beyond meat, and some amazing jackfruit tacos.

I recommend any of the omelets and the chocolate cake, or any raw vegan dessert.



The best vegan tacos in Playa. Seriously, so good and so affordable! Inside Mercado 30, you will find a traditional taco stand with only fillings made of plants. From your traditional chicharron to pastor. There’s gluten free options, and you can make any taco a tostada o sope. Oh yeah, they also have the best salsas and aguas frescas.

Image from Taconsiente Instagram

Image from Taconsiente Instagram

La senda 

The first vegan restaurant in Tulum with the biggest menu ever. You can find acai bowls, paninis, burges, pizzas, enchiladas, pozole, smoothies, desserts, and everything, every single thing is home made. From the tortillas, to the chorizo and the cheese, all with high quality ingredients.

We LOVED it. I got the enfrijoladas and Matt the enmoladas, a couple smoothies and the chocolate cake and we were amazed of how good everything was. HIGHLY recommended!

la senda playa del carmen

Comet 984

A 50’s diner style restaurant with vegan junk food, from the beyond meat to hot dogs, and we heard their new dessert menu is to die for.

the veggie burger and hot dog

Mr. Tofu

Not a restaurant, but an all vegan store. Yes! And all vegan grocery store in Playa. So if you are cooking in, or fancy a local vegan cheese or you miss your field roast sausages, this place is for you. You can find spices, yoghurts, “meats”, protein powders and more. 

Other places:

We obviously couldn’t make it too all of the restaurants, so here are other we got recommended.

Peace and bowls: Next to Taconsiente. Smoothie and Buddha bowls.

Bio Natural: Vegetarian and vegan options, plus a natural health store. We got the Tao bread, oats and nut milk. Plenty of vegan options!

Which other place would you include? If you have any questions comment below or DM on Instagram!