#PapacitosMonday: Reid Eichelberger

Papacitos WHATTTTTTT????? 

I'm all about babes supporting babes, but there is amazing man out there being bosses and crushing the game while empowering others. Not all of them are horrible ladies ;) 

I was questioning myself who should I feature next after amazing women that have been on #MamacitasMonday. There is tons of amazing instructors in Boston but I don't know them all, or haven't taken everyone's classes (this wallet can't go too far away)  but I wanted to keep writing about humans that inspire me everyday, and well, I didn't have to look too far away. 

I work and spend many hours surrounded by this crazy, funny and hard worker man. He has taught me to always smile, have amazing energy and keep the ego and excuses at the front door. If you have met him, you know he always has a smile in his face, the most positive things to say and energy to share from Boston to the moon (seriously tho, I blame the 20 coffees he drinks a day).  But if you haven't met him, this is the chance for you to dive into Reid's story.

This week let's change it up a little bit and welcome Reid into the #MamacitasSquad or should I say #PapacitosSquad? Either way, read about him, follow him, show him some love and come take his classes (sure to be sore for days). 


Ok, in one sentence tell us who you are? (where are you from, where did you grow up, guilty pleasure, etc.) 

I'm a fun loving, family man. Raised in Wrentham, MA, and forever a Bostonian.

What got you to start teaching fitness classes? 

It was a no-brainer. I'd been a fitness enthusiast, athlete and gym-regular for as long as I could remember. My love of movement and exercise and how it makes me feel is just something that is natural for me to share.

What is your wellness secret? (what do you do no matter what) 

I always drink tons of water. Right from the moment I wake up until right before bed I make sure to drink a lot of water.

I'm super inspired by your dedication to teaching and the fitness industry, what motivates you? 

First, I find inspiration from those around me. I've constantly been surrounded by people that work hard to be successful. Because of those people, I now have a lot of motivation within me to be the best I can be.

When times are hard, how do you channel your inner badass? 

When times get hard, I pay very close attention to my inner dialogue. I make sure to consciously remind myself that I am capable of amazing things and that I will find a way to fight through all of lifes challenges.

Being a Fitness instructor and having crazy schedules, do find hard to balance your life and take care of yourself? what advice would you give? 

For sure! Right now, I've really had to be uncompromising with making sure I get enough sleep and much needed me time. Thankfully, my family, friends, and co-workers are extremely understanding and supportive and do everything they can to help when they can.


What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal? 

I'd say that my super power is simply my energy and attitude. Even in the worst situations I find a way to see the bright side. I'm also a huge fan of lions. There is something incredible about an animal that sleeps more than 20hrs per day, but when they are awake they earn the nickname "King of the Jungle"

What is your favorite way of exercise? 

I love circuits and High Intensity Interval Training because of the efficiency and fast pace. But I also have a love of long steady runs as a way to escape.

What is your badass quote? 

Civilize the mind, but make savage the body.

Where can we catch you? 

EverybodyFights, FiDi

Where can we follow you?