#MamacitasMonday: Sarah Gaines

#MamacitaMonday is a glimpse in the life of a babe that inspire Boston (and beyond!) - someone that not only teaches fitness classes but is making an impact. I take classes with this babes, work with them or happen to meet them. You bet they all look gorg while teaching but they are more than that, and I know you want a peek ;)

photo credit: Nick Cosky

This week I have the honor to bring my friend Sarah Gaines. This tiny bomb of energy is not only a Fitness instructor but the founder of Fit University and The Y society. 

I met Sarah through Instagram over a year ago, yeah you've read right, Instagram. I was scrolling under the hashtag #BostonFitness and she kept popping up, one day I saw she was offering a summer series about instagram photography and quickly grabbed myself a ticket and went down to meet her. I knew I had to be friends with her, so why not? - from there, we co-hosted a bootcamp class, have done tons of events together and I have seen growth and kicking ass. 

Dive into Sarah's interview and get to know her, I am sure you will love her as much as I do!

AA: Ok, in one sentence tell us who you are? (where are you from, where did you grow up, guilty pleasure, etc.)

SG: Florida-raised, Boston-based fitness instructor and community builder with arguably too much energy for my 5-foot self. I’m founder of Fit University and co-founder of The Y Society!*

Fit University helps college students get fit and stay fit by teaching them the truth about health and fitness and building a community of like-minded students across the world. 

The Y Society is building a community of female twenty-somethings by growing confidence, slaying gender roles, inspiring ideas, and kicking convention’s ass.  

AA: What is your favorite way to move your booty AKA working out?

SG: Picking things up and putting them down. Alllll the heavy things!

AA: If you could be one type of exercise, which one would you be and why?

SG: Slow release push up (which btw, is my favorite move and one that I do in literally every single one of my classes because each time you get stronger and stronger). It’s a combo of strength training and mindfulness, two facets of fitness that I highly preach  

AA: What gets you out of bed, and says I wanna teach today?

SG: Everyday, I get to move and sweat with so many people and I truly feel honored because of that. People come to my class to kickstart their morning, to release after a stressful day, or to just do something good for themselves and that’s what makes me not only say "I want to teach today” but "I’m excited to teach today!” And of course, nothing keeps me going every single day more than the #fitufam, the amazing community of college students across the country leading the Fit University movement. With every student that applies to be a Fit University Ambassador*, I’m reminded why I do what I do every day. 

*A Fit University Ambassador is a college student with a passion for health and fitness who wants to share that passion with others. Apply to be an ambassador here!

AA: When times are hard, how do you channel your inner badass?

SG: It depends on the situation but the most notable things that come to mind are: 

Music. Nothing amps me up than a super dope beat (my current go-to is Cerebral by Boyz Noise…brace yourself).

Working out. I’m one small human that can squat nearly 200 pounds... that makes me feel pretty bad ass!

Remembering my Y. Part of the reason Abbey (my lovely co-founder) and I started The Y Society is because we wanted women our age to have a reason for doing what they’re doing and to always have that reason top of mind. Whenever I’m feeling stuck, I try to think back to why I started in the first place and what my end goal is. Furthermore, thinking back on how far I’ve already come in working toward that end goal. When we’re hustling day in and day out, it’s easy to forget how far we’ve actually come so that reset and refocus is sometimes exactly what you need.

AA: How would you describe your happy place?

SG: I have a few different happy places: in the gym, on a yoga mat, at a great restaurant (particularly sitting outdoors on a breezy day drinking a glass of sangria), exploring a new city, on my couch….

AA: If you could spend your life in one place, where would it be?

SG: My happy place!! The geographical location of that happy place may change from time to time but that’s ok by me. As long I’m doing what I love with people I love, that’s where I want to be.

AA: What is your badass quote?

SG: Hustle 'til your haters ask if you’re hiring.

AA: Where can we catch you?

SG: Burn Fitness, Cyc Fitness or you’ll likely bump into me somewhere in Back Bay!

AA: Where can we follow you?

SG: @sarahjgaines  on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!