5 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Awereness

When I was thinking about what to write next, I wanted to write about self love and how much knowing yourself can help you not only interact with others but how can you take your life to another level, than I thought, how people can do that if they aren't even self-aware of what they do. 

Before changing anything, you become aware of what it is that you are doing that is making you change, right?, you have the "problem" than you find a solution. Self-awareness comes before that, before the problem, it is how we get there.

I've noticed that in this moment people aren't self-aware of anything (I'm one to blame too here), we pass by life in front of our eyes, we are so centered on our phone that we forget to have conversations with ourselves (as crazy as that sounds). We are never bored, we have our phones to keep us busy so we never let our mind wondered. 

I often see the topic of self-love and confidence among woman, and yes, I think we all should love ourselves for who we are, but who are you? Do you even know yourself? Do you know why you do what yo do? or where are you even going? or are we just letting our lives go right in front of us seeing others live their best lives?

It can be crazy to think but some people don't really know themselves, they just go through the motions, but the more you know who you are and you are aware of it, the easier life is.

So before I move into how to learn to love yourself for what you are and what you have, here are 5 things that have helped me be more aware of me, of my thoughts and how to practice everyday.


5 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Awereness


1. Ask yourself why. 

Self-analyze your actions, your choices, your thoughts. Why. Why are you asking you to look certain way, to do certain things. Why. 

To be able to evolve, to change. You need to understand why you are doing the things you are doing. What motivates you do it. Is it habit? is it laziness? is it to pleased someone else? no matter what it is, you need to ask yourself over and over until you have your answer. 

Practice the 3 why's. As an example, I spend way too much time scrolling on Instagram, why? is it because I am bored? Why am I bored? well maybe I just don't want to get writing and is a way for me to escape. Why do I want to escape. - now I got to a deeper level on my mind. I endless scroll because I don't want to face my own entrepreneur responsibilities. 

Now I got the problem.. endless scrolling which bring me to Acknowledgement. 

2. Acknowledgement. 

You have to admit to yourself that you are obviously not perfect — no one is.

But can you begin to master yourself? Absolutely.

I know why I do what I do so it is harder to turn the cheek around and ignore it. It is the same for you. Changing means creating new habits, mastering new skills. It is hard and it will take time, but you need to start somewhere. 

Now that you are aware of what you are doing it is easier to make moves forward, and it is really up to you. 

3. Learn about yourself. 

Now that you know why and you have acknowledge what you do, than learn a bit more about yourself, what is that you really want to change and do. Ask yourself if what you are doing is taking you where you want to go. You want to be stronger but you keep doing cardio or snoozing your alarm and missing your workout? 

Analyze your "wants" with your "dos" - what it is that you want vs what it is that you are doing. 

It is easier said than done, I know, but practice makes perfect, and you are already 3 steps ahead. 

4. Monitor Self-talk

Maybe you made that list of things you want to start doing but you haven't, instead of being harsh on yourself, go back to number one and asked yourself "why"

If you find yourself thinking how much crap you are, or how XYZ you look, or if XYZ looks better, stop right there and think why are you so much better than that.

Two things I do every day are 1. smile at myself soonest I get up in front of  a mirror, and 2. Read a list of things I love about myself when I am feeling down or I found myself with negative thoughts. I started to monitor self-talk so much more in the past few months and changing negative thoughts with positive ones. 

Try it for one day, than let me know what you think.


Practicing self-awareness can be the start to living life the way it was intended for you to live.

You don't have to live with negative thoughts and feeling down all the time, you have the power (as cheesy as it sounds) to change your life around. Before making any change, you need to be aware of what you do, why you do it and where you want to go. 

Self awareness can be practiced all day, from how you respond to a text, how you walk or sit from what thoughts you are having. All of it can be change and can be for the better, you just have to practice. 

Remind yourself everyday to be more present, to be here and you will be surprised in how much you can improve. 

Thoughts? Share your ideas in the comments below.