Something New (UNO)

To continue with the "trying new things" idea from the #ClassPassChallenge, I thought to write once a week something that Matt and I have been doing for a while now. Trying something new every week, the food version. 

Every time we go to super market, we grab something we have never tried or cook with before. It can be anything, nuts, grains, fruits, veggies, etc. 

WHY? Because we get bored with the same meals over and over, and it let us experiment in the kitchen and give our body a bit of a different kind of nutrients. 

If you don't know, we eat a plant based diet, so we don't experiment with meats, eggs, dairy or oils (yeah, we don't cook or consume oils, any kind!).

We have found that eating a plant based diet is actually pretty tasty, and that there is more grains than rice and more veggies than spinach and kale. We've tried so many different things by now, that we are super amazed and confused on how da duck we missed all this amazingness! 

This week #SomethingNew we got Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya.

I have seen it all over instagram, I think every single health blogger or account has them. I mean, how you wouldn't? It is freaking pretty! But, it does look a bit weird to be honest. 

After a few and I should say million times passing by it at the Asian super market, I was finally able to convinced Matt to get it! (MAJOR SCORE!)

Once we got them we had to try them, and to be honest, we had to goole "how to eat dragon fruit" *facepalm* I have to say, they are actually pretty tasty! It does looks and reminds me little bit to kiwi but without to be so acidity. 

There is a few different ways to can eat (thank you Google!), just open it and using a spoon or make it in into a smoothie, and I know you can by the pulp and make amazing pink smoothie bowls with it. 

Nutritional wise, according to foodfacts.mercola, Dragon fruit is packed with antioxidants (bye bye wrinkles!), Vitamin D, good fats (omega 3 and omega 6), several vitamins B, protein, calcium and more! It is a great food to eat if you are feeling low in energy, since it has zero complex carbs, meaning your body will break it faster and will give you energy faster!

So, if you need a banana break, get yo'self a few of this pink fruit! 

We got it at an Asian supermarket, but ANY supermarket should have them.

Now is your turn:

  • Do you have a similar tradition?
  • What is the newest thing you have tried?