Take the #ClassPassChallenge & YOU could WIN a 3 month membership!


Yes, you read well! When you join me and class pass on this challenge you can win a FREE 3 month membership! How AWESOME is that!

But first, let's congratulate this babes! they won last giveaway

  • Anais G
  • Emily Swartz
  • Mary-Katherine
  • Chantelle Walker

Congrats ladies!!! Someone from ClassPass will contact you soon :)

I am loving the giveaways lately, so take the leap and join me :)

There is a few rules this challenge that you can read here

But in a nutshell (although, please go here to read it all!), you try new things as much as you can this month, every time you do it, you share it with us on Instagram or twitter using #ClassPassChallenge. The more new things you do and the more you share them with us, the more chances you get to win! If you do 31 different things, you score an extra entry!!! wup wup!

Before you start, PLEASE, enter your info in this form.

If you live in Boston, please, let's do something together! You can comment below or shoot me a snapchat, tweet or DM on instagram!

I am using my ClassPass account to try the raddest classes in town. If you don't have ClassPass you can get $20 credit using this link. YES, $20 CREDIT! 

If you want to join me, here are some things I am trying and some I already scheduled!

  • Aug 1: Visit the NewEngland Aquarium
  • Aug. 4: Yoga class at Y7 (12 pm at the Union Square location, join me?)
  • Cook a new indian recipe
  • Run 10k
  • November Project
  • Take a break for lunch
  • Buy a stranger a coffee (might be you!)
  • Finish my new book (Thrive)
  • Visit MIT museum
  • Go to the Bronx zoo (maybe in the couple days!)
  • Try a new vegan restaurant 

I am still working on my list, but if you have new ideas, please comment below, tweet me, snapchat me or comment on instagram! 

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Until the next one,