The Truth About Packaged Juice

In my ideal world, we all would eat fresh, organic in season vegetables and fruits. The reality it is, that it is really hard to do it, specially in cold places like New England. However, we all need to get our greens in, somehow everyday. 

One of my favorite ways to get my nutrients is juicing. It is true that I rather a smoothie (with all the fiber in it), but when I am feeling sick or have been traveling and I know I need my greens, the easiest way is by drinking them. That way the nutrients are absorbed faster and go straight to the blood stream. 

Make juices it is not hard, but it does take time and a lot of veggies and fruit, and quite frankly I don't own  a juicer. Some juice bars do offer fresh juices but I don't have one close to enough to grab a juice and go to work. So, I have tried to buy packaged juices, try them and see if they were what I was looking for. 

I discover that most of packaged juices have added sugars, preservatives, weird chemicals in it and are very low in vitamins. Which completely kills the purpose of the juice in the first place. 

Until Salad Power reached out to me, I was never a fan of packaged juice, unless they are from local juice bars, I wouldn't drink juices at all. 

I started to research about Salad Power, and I was quite surprised! 

Salad Power is founded by recent college grads (ahhhh wow!) that wanted to make a product that was actually tasty, healthy and with no bullshit in it. SO they went ahead and created Salad Power.

Why is different from other packaged juice? Salad Power has their own veggie superfood blend, that is added every single juice. This blend has Kale, Carrot, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Tomato and Bell Pepper. By making this blend their base, all of the SaladPower flavors are lower in sugar and higher in vitamins. 

Other brands bases are apple or orange juices with a little bit of actual green juice, which make it really high in sugar and low in nutrients. 

Salad Power juices are packaged in special bottles that ensure no light or oxygen to pass by, which helps to not loose any nutrients during shipping. 

They only have 50 calorie (green juice only), are 100% gluten free, vegan, paleo and certified organic (WINNING!) 

I love drinking them really cold, but room temperature also works.

They have four different flavors: Just Veggies (the green one), Veggies and Mango (my favorite), Veggies and Pineapple and Veggies and Apple. Also, this company it's really scientifically thorough and have amezeballs blog content

Now is your turn:

  • What do you think about juices?
  • Which is your favorite brand?