Time To Give Back

With the holidays here we all feel like giving back. Giving back can be in many different ways, from donating your clothes to donating time to a meaningful cause. 

Although anything you do to give back is amazing, I would highly recommend choosing something that is meaningful to you, something you can you can put your heat into it and do it cause you love it not because you feel like you have to give back. 

There is many different non-profits and organizations around the U.S. that might fit with you, and while you do it, encourage your friends and family to do it with you.

I grew up with a family that loved to give back and help the community. Sometimes it was by donating clothes, or simply helping someone that needed. my mum never expect anything back and that it was made it beautiful. Always give from your heart with your open arms. 

Photo by Josh Campbell

This year, I choose to fundraise money for The Jimmy Fund Foundation. The Jimmy Fund solely supports the fight against cancer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Since its founding in 1948, the Jimmy Fund has raised millions of dollars through thousands of community efforts to help save lives and give hope to cancer patients around the world.

I have luckily no family record of cancer, but that doesn't mean I can't contribute to an amazing cause. 

I choose to be part of it for many reasons, here a few:

Photo by Josh Campbell

1. Is a local organization.

I truly believe in supporting local, from small business to organizations. I have been lucky to work with Rachel, from the Jimmy Fund team, and she just makes me fall in love more and more with the mission. She truly believes in what they do, and it shows every time we speak. I believe that I am not only supporting Dana Farber, but the team, like Rachel! 

Two of my favorite warriors. Photo by Josh Campbell

2. Fitness is involved.

In May 2017, the Jimmy Fund will be hosting the second edition of the Fit Fest! is a one day event that holds 5 different classes, like yoga, SH'BAM™, boot camp, boxing, and CrossFit workouts. It is a great way to bring families together, sweat it out, and meet new people, is also super inspiring to hear success stories, that not only have fought cancer but fitness has been a huge part of it! 

Photo by Josh Campbell

3. My twin brother.

This is really hard to write for me, but I wanted to donate under my brothers name at some point. I've found a few local organizations in México that I will eventually donate to, but I know he was so proud of last years event. He didn't have cancer, but he was a football player, and even during the time he was paraplegic he was training to be part of the olympic team. So my team name is under his name, to keep his active lifestyle alive. 

However you decide to give back, do it. Give more and don't expect to receive back. Life changes so fast, and believe me, you will find who is there for you when you need it! 

But hey, if you want to join my team or donate to #Fuerza72 team, here is the link! and if you are coming to the #JimmyFundFitFest let me know! 

Happy Healthy Holidays,