What Tough Mudder Taught Me

DISCLAMER: this post is sponsored by Skedaddle. All opinions are mine and don't reflect the opinions of any of the organizations listed. 

A few weeks ago I got invited to run the Tough Mudder and without hesitation I said YES!

The Muck Fest  happened a couple week before so I thought, WHY NOT? 

We got a car through Skedaddle (because the drive back was probably gonna be painful) so we made sure we got a car ready to drive us up and back. 

Tough Mudder was just a completely different bowl game, to start it is 10 miles trail running. As you might know by now, I am not a long distance runner, so just the thought of running 10 miles was already scary. At the time I realized it,  I had already agreed to it so there was no turning back. 

Along those 10 miles we had 23 obstacles, that range from crossing dirty water to run up a ramp and hope someone catch you at the top.

I am so glad that at the end I accepted to do it and that I finished it!  it was an incredible experience and made me realize that I am capable of so much more. 

Here what I learnt from the Tough Mudder, and what you should do too:

1. Say YES more. Specially to the things you fear, you will see how easy it was and how good you will feel.

2. Take risks. Jump higher, run that extra mile or simply say yes to obstacle races.

3. You don't have to be the strongest or fastest. Just be you and give your 100%. 

4. You can stop and take a break at anytime. Not only in the race but in life too.

Matt crushing it (Proud babe moment :p)

Matt crushing it (Proud babe moment :p)

5. Not doing what others are doing is ok. 

6. Not giving ur 100% is ok too, just have fun and enjoy the ride. 

7. Always bring friends! - This race became 10x better with Sarah, Christina and Matt!

8.  Be safe. ALWAYS! as a fitness instructor I can't break any bones or have serious injuries, otherwise I would be out of work for a while, but even if you "can afford" to do it, please be careful. If you are seriously worry that an obstacle is dangerous, just don't do it.

Few things if you are thinking on doing a race:

- If you are active right now, you don't really need training. (Unless you are going for time).

- If the running part scares you, just walk. Believe me, everyone does it. 

- You can skip obstacles if you need/want to. 

-Eat before and if you can sneak in a bar do it. 

-Bring water, the water stations are miles apart! 

-Bring food and water for after the race.

-You might know this but bring a towel, change of clothes and sandals and cash for the hot shower (best $5 dlls we spent).

- Hire a car to bring you back home. Or stay close by. You will be super tired. Check Skedaddle!

Say YES to the beer when you finish. not the healthiest choice but so good for the soul.


I hope you have found this useful and helpful in learning more about obstacle races, because anyone can do them. ANYONE If you are interested in learning more about training or how I stay active, follow my instagram or email me here.

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