In the curse of three weeks, I have been to Tulum twice. We came a couple weeks a go, loved it so much that decided to go back and explore what this small town has to offer.

Tulum it is very multi cultural, you won’t see many local travelers, and your experience can be totally different to somebody else. There’s a clear line between the beach road and the “pueblo” or town, the beach road been more international, everything is in english and is definitely more expensive, still beautiful and a must. And the town, still a bit Mexican, with some Italian influence, a bit more affordable and more “Mexico”.

Here are some vegan and coffee shop options for both sides of Tulum.





Suculenta Tamaleria

Our first vegan spot we tried in Tulum. Owned by a couple of cousins from Mexico City, suculenta tamaleria needs an award.

They offer tamales oaxaqueños with local mayan ingredients, amazing coffee and the best salsas I have every tried. There’s also a daily soup, juices, and aguas frescas.

It is a tiny space in town, but it is worth it. Please go, it will blow your mind.


Matcha Mama

For your acai bowl and smoothie fix, Matcha Mama is a must in Tulum. We loved the Pueblo location, it is bigger, less crowded and has more seating options. Any smoothie can be made bowl.

We were lucky to meet Alexis, the owner, who explained us Matcha Mama goal to be zero waste, so you will see coconut bowls, biodegradable straws, and bamboo straws when eating in. Highly recommend this spot!

matcha mama tulum

La Hoja Verde

On of the first vegan spots in Tulum, La Hoja Verde was highly recommended to us. We sadly couldn’t make it but we had a pick to their menu and is huge. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have vegetarian options, but is mostly vegan.

Priero Coffee Shop

A cute coffee shop with vegan options. A cute place to work, chill or grab something to eat. They have bagels, acai bowls, toast, matcha lattes and really good coffee. We loved the ceramic on sale, and the whole vibe. The staff was very friendly. 

WiFi in Tulum is a bit bad, and here was ok. Is right on the main street.

El arte del cafe

A better wifi option, with good coffee. El arte del cafe seemed to be packed with digital nomads having meetings during the day. LOVED the vibe.

Not many vegan option in terms of food, but nut milk is available for extra charge and the drinks were good!


Charlys vegan tacos

A MUST! WENT THREE TIMES. Yes, three. I absolutely loved it. The tacos are as good as Taconsiente in Playa, but the atmosphere is a bit more upscale. Is all outdoors so be aware of random rain in winter.

Either way, the place is just beautiful, specially at night. And the food it is delicious. By far some of the best tacos I have ever had. The offer special menu for cocktails and drinks every night, and their menu has it all. From your tacos and enchiladas, to traditional mole.

We were lucky to meet Charly, who will be on The VedTalk Podcast soon, and we can guarantee you that this place is as eco-friendly as it gets. Everything made from scratch, with local organic ingredients and they have their compost. 

Again, a MUST!


Matcha Mama

You will find their first location here, a bit smaller but with the same menu. Very pretty location, and a must if you are in the area.


Other places:

Raw Love: We got recommended to go to Raw Love, but we couldn’t make it. Apparently it is pricey but worth it.

The real coconut: We also couldn’t make it but we heard their smoothies are just ridiculously good. It is right on the beach, and you are able to use their facilities when consuming food. Also pricey, but again, it is supposed to be amazing. 

Which other place would you include? If you have any questions comment below or DM on Instagram!