Vegan Heaven - Eat by CHLOE Opening

Fast, casual, instagram perfect and delicious is how I would describe by Chloe, the vegan heaven now in Boston. 

If you have been living under a rock and have no idea what by Chloe is, lemme tell ya my friend. 

By Chloe is a all-vegan fast casual restaurants that serve freaking unreal salads, grain bowls, “burgers,” sandwiches, pasta, brunch, juice, and much more. They first opened a location in NYC a few years back, then LA and now (finally) in Boston. 

What is all the buzz about it (besides is all delicious)?  by CHLOE.’s menu changes any misconceptions of vegan food with creative, delicious recipes made fresh and in-house daily from whole ingredients. Each dish is FREE of meat, dairy, and egg products, as well as of saturated animal fat, added preservatives, and artificial flavors. HELL YESS, WINNING! 

fresh coconuts were for grabs so I obvss took one :)

As vegan, I am happy to see restaurants like By Chloe, not only offering options for those who are vegan but also completely owning it and going 100% plant-based, and killing all those misconceptions that vegans only eat cows food (well..cows food 50 years go) but delicious meals that can be  easily picked up any day around the corner. 

Boston first location is absolutely beautiful, located at 107 seaport Blvd, next to neighbors like (new) soul cycle, juice press and just a few blocks from Everybody fights. The millennial mecca and fitness advocates place to hang out. Second location will be in Fenway, and I hope we can see more. 

sangria for brunch, and quinoa bowls for lunches

At the opening we not only tasted their menu favorites (the guac burger, mac and cheese, and cupcakes) but their debut four unique items, that you can find ONLY in Boston (sorry LA and NYC friends) like the lobster roll (hearts of palm, celery, smoked paprika, and fresh dill), clam chowder (cauliflower cream, shiitake mushroom, corn, potato, and fresh parsley), Boston cream Whoopie pie ( vanilla custard and chocolate ganache) and Boston Cream Pie Chill (dairy free ice cream with vanilla custard, chocolate twist, and dark chocolate ganache). 

Better news? it will open 7 days a week, and you can totally brunch on the weekends (10 am-4 pm). 

Kerri, me and Baddie - wearing V neck pocket top by Kit and Ace, Mom Fit jeans by Zara and Primark booties. Hair by Mia.

I will be definitely there more times than I can count, and I hope I can see you there too! <3

Thank you the Boston Common Magazine team and By Chloe team for inviting me and Matt last night!