Vegan Camping Recap (What we did, where do we go, and more!)

When a vegan fit couple decides to get out the city, you can expect two things: tons of good food and good photos. You might don't know this but Matt (my boyfriend) has a double degree, one of them is on Outdoor Recreation, and he is also super passionate about photography (you can check his photos here)

We live together in Boston, a pretty well positioned city. We are in between gorgeous beach towns (the cape) and couple hours away from national forests like the green and white mountains. We have been lucky to get away a few times and explore both parts of New England in the past 3 years. We both share a passion for travel, so when we have the opportunity we take it. 

Our travel experience (each traveled to more than 17 countries in the past) has allowed to seek different adventures. We have drove to New Orleans and traveled overseas together. But staying and traveling within the United States is one of our goals. 

Last year, Matt took me on my first camping adventure. I was excited but nervous to be honest. The thought of no having a bathroom, shower and running water was crazy to me, but I did it and loved it! Since then we have camped in different States and climate (mainly when is ok for me yo walk and not freeze). 

This year we had the opportunity to take 4 days off (Thank you 4th of July!) and we took off straight up to Vermont, to the first campground we stayed together last year. After a 3 hours and a half drive (in the middle of the rain and at 10pm), we got to Chittenden Camp Ground. Right in the middle of the Green Mountains. We quickly got the tent up and set up our sleeping bags (always adding a yoga mat underneath!) and went straight to bed. Soon after started to poor down with rain!

we love our coffee made on an Aero press!

we love our coffee made on an Aero press!

The next morning was forecast to rain all day. So soonest we got up, we drove up the town to get some firewood. We love having coffee when camping, so we always bring fresh beans, a manual grinder and our Aero Press. I don't know what it is, but camping coffee is the best coffee. We don't use any plastic or mugs, so we bring our mason jars and use a koozie. We also love George Howell Coffee, so we got a fresh bag before leaving. 

We tend to have the same breakfast even when camping, so we put together all our cereal ingredients in one bag and serve it with water. I SWEAR  it taste as good as it had nut milk, maybe even better. Here it is the cereal recipe, and we only add apple, banana and maple syrup because we were on vacay and well it is amazing. 

We bring utensils, jars, pans and pots, and two bowls for eating. We don't use much plastic so we bring what we'd regularly use at home. 

Saturday was the laziest day we had, it was raining so much that it made super hard to even walk outside. We went for walks along the campground soonest the rain stopped but that was it. I realized how much I need to move during my day. 

On Sunday we were a bit more lucky, and got the chance to go on a hike and even got a workout in. I was itching to move, so I put together a 45 minute bodyweight workout and Matt got a trail run in. Feeling more energized we wanted to do a quick hike before the sun was down. Our original plan was to pack our lunch and go for a longer hike, but to be honest, we wanted just to chill and leave the rush living back in Boston. So we slowly got lunch together and ate at the campground. We brought hummus, pita bread and falafels for lunch. We added a few fresh veggies and avocado. Super easy and perfect for a quick bite. 

After our hike we went back to the camp, chilled for a bit and got dinner ready. We were going to bed pretty late in compare to what we do at home, so we cooked a few vegan banana boats as dessert. I didn't take a photo of it, but wait for my next post to get the recipe, you can even do them at home. 

The next morning feeling a bit more rested, we decided to go on a bigger hike and go back to the lake we loved the year before. We had breakfast and lunch at the campground, I did a few stretches and got ready to head up Silver Lake. There is a beautiful loop trail, and the hike up has amazing river and waterfall views. I love that most of the time is pretty much empty and you can get the full hiking experience. 

Photo Credit: Matthew Davey

We didn't have a lot plans when we decided go up Vermont, but we were certain that we wanted to relax. We both are super busy and stressed most of the time, so not hiking massive mountains was ok with us, we rather up for the low-key ones, some easier ones and spend time actually enjoying the sounds of nature taking everything in. 

The Silver Lake hike is one of favorite ones, it crosses with other 3 hikes that could probably take you a full day to finish, but if you are looking for an easier hike, stick to Silver Lake. If you have time, stop and swim in the lake. The water is freezing but it is worth it. 

Before we got to hike, we made this amazing vegetable stew. Well, we bought it but we added spiced quinoa to the mix and it made it 10x better. Pita and hummus to complete the meal and is perfect. We knew that we wanted a hearty soup, and Engine 2 always has the best options (low sodium and only plant-based ingredients). 

We worked quite an appetite while hiking, so we can back to town to pick a pack of SwitchBack (Vermont beer) and made sweet potato tacos, corn and banana boats for dessert. Oh man, if we had a good dinner. We had 5 tacos each, Matt possibly had more. We made a massive guacamole and crips some tortillas in the fire to make chips, and wow. 

The next morning we took it easy, had our last cereal breakfast and started to pick up our stuff. We went to town in search for a restaurant that had vegan options and we actually found one! We were super surprised that even in the menu said "veggie burger" - Rochester town is what you wold expect from a small town, one big shop with highly processed foods and restaurants that have bacon and eggs only -  They even gave us this super tasty black bean salad next to our burger. 

We said goodbye to our Camp ground, and began our ride home. Along the way, we were able to reminisce on all of the wonderful experiences of the past weekend. 

For Recipes from this post, check out Part II!

-where do you go camping? tell me in the comments!