Top 5 Vegan Comfort Food Brands

Oh hey, you went vegan and people assume you now hate cheese and wine. Incorrect. I choose to go vegan for my health, but somedays I want to have a nice cheese burger too but without the cholesterol and saturated fats. 

I have been shopping around and trying different vegan brands that have good tasting cheese or "meat" for those lazy days. 

If you have been to whole foods or Trader Joe's, you must have noticed a HUGE variety of vegan products. I wouldn't recommend to base your diet around packaged foods, because although they are vegan, some are pretty high in sodium or well, they are not natural. Like oreos, they are vegan but not healthy. You get the point. 

But yes, now you can have cheese and meat that are in a way healthier than animal products, and that actually taste pretty damn good! 

Here my 5 favorite ones:

1. Beyond Meat 

Their vision is simple "We are dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare"  and their products AMAZING! We get the Burger Patties, they look like meat but they taste even better. They are juicy and grill perfectly. They sale super fast at Whole Foods, so if you happen to see them, grab them! they also have another version in the frozen section that are really good. You can get them online or at selected whole foods. Only US tho. Sorry :(

Get it here:

2. Tree Line Cheese

If you think going vegan will make you stop eating cream cheese bagels, than let me just bring some joy. Tree Line is more of a French style creamy cheese that goes pretty well with some crackers and wine. They have the cream cheese version, which makes it easier to spread on bread, but I have used the regular version and it was just fine. Sadly, you can only get it at selected super markets. But I hope they can have them everywhere soon, because they are sooo yummy! 

Find the near store you here.

3. Daiya Cheese

When local restaurants start using Daiya cheese instead of dairy cheese, you know it is good. They have a huge range of products, even Mac and Cheese ready to eat. Most of their cheese melts pretty well, and you can get it even online (Amazon comes to saves lives) or at tons of supermarkets. 

We use the mozzarella for pizzas and the slices for sandwiches (not all the time, but when we crave some cheesy snack). Although, I would say, Daiya has a very distinct taste and smell, it is not bad, but you will know it's a daiya cheese right away!

Get the Mac and cheese deliver to your door here:

4. Kite Hill

I knew about this brand because I wanted to try a nut based yogurt. I got a few flavors and actually loved it! I am not a huge yogurt fan, but I was surprised in how tasty and light felt. After a while, I noticed that they also offer dairy-free cream cheese, raviolis and other cheeses. I was surprised in how tasty they were and not as expensive as other brands! 

Kite Hill is available at Whole Foods nation wide and a few other retailers. Find which ones here.

5. Right Foods by Dr. McDougall

Dr. McDougall is one of our resources when it comes to vegan food and health. We have read about him and his work in Hawaii that we just loved everything about his brand when we found out he had one! - he makes easy and on the go comfort soups. They are fairly low in sodium, all organic and of course tasty! 

My favorite is the lentil and kale soup, but their miso and thai are to die for! - I have only see the brand in whole foods, but you can find out where else they sell them here. Believe me you will be happy when you can have a healthier quick version of ramen noddles!


- I hope you find this helpful! - Again, I wouldn't recommend basing your diet with all of this products but they are amazing comfort foods alternatives!