NOTE: Because this was going to be a long blog post, I broke into series, so this is #1, where I will give you a little intro and recap, than on number 2, I will get into tips and brands I use to hit my macros.  I will keep the updates once a month along with tips, so just look for the number 3, 4, etc. in the next few weeks.



I can’ t believe how fast this month has been, it has already been over four weeks since I reached out to Alejandra (from @Alebfitness ) to work on a plan for me.

A month ago I spoke about why I changed my fitness plan ton this blog post and got into more details on the structure on it. I will write an update on things I’m adding and reasons behind it on a separate blog. But to give you a quick run down, I decided to shift from inconsistent workout routines and fitness classes to a structure lifting plan and macros.

Macro counting isn’t new for me, I have followed them in the past but I have never really stick to them for that long, hence why I have never seen results from it.

Once in a while I get in this weird funks where I get anxious or resentful before I go to the gym, or follow a structure meal plan.  I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself, and over think it. It easily leads me to lack motivation and not sticking to things. I was in think funk the first time I tried macros, and sticking to an specific routine. I wouldn’t say it was a bad thing, but the complete opposite, I focused on finding what I love, try new things and felt a bit more free.

This time around I was ready to get back into a structured routine where I didn’t have to create my own routines or plan. You can read more in deep on the blog I mentioned before. But as a fitness instructor the last thing I want to do, is to come home and think on a routine, so it is easier to follow one that someone created for me.

When I spoke to Alejandra last month, we both agreed that some of my main goals were to gain muscle mass and strength. Especially lower body. Since is the area I lack the most definition, volume and strength. 

Eating the right foods plays a massive role to reach these goals, so tracking macros had to be done. My breakdown will look very different to yours, and I don’t recommend following what I do, I will share them with you so you can see where my protein comes, and how I play around it. BUT make sure to consult your CPT, RD or nutritionist before starting.

For the first month my main goals were to gain weight, eat a lot and build a base on compound moves (start adding little by little more weight on squats, dead lifts,etc.)

So my macro breakdown looks like this: 2314 calories, 123 g of protein, 298 g of Carbohydrates, 70 g of fat.

As you can see it is a lot of food. Before macros I was eating intuitively, some days would have been more or less what I eat now, and I think that is wonderful, however, to see changes I do have to watch how much of what I eat. Not in a obsessive way, or unhealthy one. You will see below what I mean.

Eating more isn’t exactly easy, you might think I am crazy for saying it, but eating more of the right foods isn’t easy, yeah I could eat a bag of chips and hit all my fats and carbs, but isn’t really healthy. Counting macros for me it is a way to hit my goal, not an excuse to indulge and eat like crap. Micronutrients are my priority. 

With that being said, when I prepare my meals I’m thinking on the nutritional value first. Greens are always on my plate, and I focus on foods that will help me to recover faster, like turmeric, blueberries, etc.


  • Tracking macros hasn’t actually being hard. Sometimes it is a bit annoying to weight food, and scan labels on the app  I use (My Macros+) b
  • My first couple weeks were a learning curve, and had to do some research on certain foods, macro nutrient value.
  •  Started a month ago, literally a couple weeks before the holidays, which it wasn’t the best move to be hones, but I have been super relax with it, and not stressing over Christmas dinner or eating out. I just try my best to choose the healthier meal.
  • The hardest part has been getting use to eat more. I have a big appetite, however it has been hard to get me to eat that much food. I don’ force myself to eat more, and I’m keeping it on a healthy way, I have learn in the past couple weeks to really space my meals on 5-6 a day, and choose caloric dense food, like potatoes, bananas, etc.
  • Tracking macros and changing a workout routine will work, but it takes time. I haven’t seen massive changes, and some days I feel bloated, and it has been hard to get use to the idea that I’m going gain weight. My goal is to gain weigh in the form of muscle, reason why I choose only healthy foods, and stick to the routine. But slowly getting used to the fact that I might look “bigger” it is kinda hard to grasp. I have nothing wrong with it, and that is what I want, but someone that has always being too small, or too skinny, it is just a little hard.
  • After one month of tracking macros, I can say I feel happy that I choose to do it, and that I have been able to stick to it, but also to keep it healthy, both mentally and food choices. If I don’t hit my macros (and most days isn’t perfect) I’m not upset or crazy about it. It is about consistency, and patience.

I will wrap up the blog here, and will continue this series with part two adding some tips, food list, and must to hit your protein intake without supplements.

As always, if you have any questions, or if you liked this blog, please leave a comment below, it really supports my blog :)

Stay tuned!