VEGAN Q&A: The why, what and how!

Hi babes, 

A few days ago I asked you on instagram if you had any questions in regards my plant based diet, or you were curious about anything. I got a few of the same questions, and I added a few that I know some of you wonder to this Vegan Q&A!

My main goal with this Vegan Q&A is to help you understand the reasons for me to go vegan, the transition, if it was hard, the benefits, and for me to show you that is actually pretty easy to do it! and yes, you can still build gains, shape your booty and have time to go out. 

SO here it goes!

Why did you go vegan?

I can go on and on with this question but I will try to keep it short and sweet.

The actual answer is because Matt texted me one day saying we were going vegan. Like I am death serious right now lol. The smart answer is that from a long time I knew that for me to be healthy I needed to be eating more plants.

To take you back a little bit in my life, I went vegan when I was 18. Back then I did it because after reading "Skinny Bitch" I could only assimilate two things 1) being skinny and never get fat 2) the bad energy passed through aminal cruelty. So, of course, I didn't eat enough and correctly, I felt sick and tired most of the time and gave up. 

Although most of my experience was negative, and clearly not for the right reasons, something of that book stayed with me. 

When I came back to this healthy journey, I realized that eating a diet based on prodcuts closer to the earth it made my feel better. I started to like the flavors of vegetables again and finding more recipes to cook and play around with. I learnt from Matt that there was more than chicken breast and brocoli, and that Mexican food has more to offer than what most people think. 

After a while, we started to watch domentaries about health, fitness and veganism. We learn the benefits from it, not only from doctors and diabetes patients, but from ultra marathoners and other professional athlets. 

Going vegan was the light at the end of the tunnel for me, it was the way I could reach my goals, stay young and enjoy life the way I wanted to, withouth spending money on doctors, supplements and restrictive diets. Not depending on my family history of high colesterol and depresession to hit me, and actually being able to stop it all together. 

So, to respond in two words, I went vegan beacuse of my health and future

What does one day of eating look like for you!?

It totally depends on the day, if I am working an early shif or not. But I thought I will give a small break down of what I would tipycally eat below. 

Breakfast #1: Green smoothie made of spinach/kale, banana, pineapple, ginger, flax meal and/or chia seeds.

Breakfast #2: oatmeal, made with water and berries, sometimes peanut butter and banana. and probably a black coffee or green tea. 

Lunch: Salad or zoodles, salads are normally made with spinach/kale, carrots, bell pepper, avocado, nutritional yeast and other veggies. 

Snack: If I am working out, I will have a post workout smoothie, most likely with fruit and a vegan protein powder or hemp seeds.

Dinner: we tend to have easy meals like pizza or tacos, most of the times with guacamole. Pizza is normally made with a sproted grain tortilla, and tomato sauce. Tacos most likely to be made of a mix of bell peppers with mushrooms and spinach. 

After dinner snack (not all the time): fruit, nuts or nice cream. 

Although this is a very general meal breakdown, I recommend NOT to follow it, it works for me, but doesn't mean it will work for you. One thing to take note is the amount of greens I add to my diet. I can't stress enough in the importance of leafy greens and vegetables that need to be consume in a day. 

How did your body handle the change? 

One of the things I noticed is that I was hungry a lot, and I was feeling like eating 20 times more. One of the reasons is because it takes time to get used to the feeling of being full but not bloated or feeling like you can't move; I did have to eat "more", bigger portions in other words, to get the energy that I needed for my daily day.

I also noticed more and regular visits to the bathroom, remember vegetables and fruit have fiber that helps you clean your gut easier.

I have never felt sick or low energized, in the contratry. I felt more energized, and somehow a clearer mind. My muscles have recovered faster (meaning that soreness still happens of course, but it doesn't stay for days) and my skin feels better.

Was it a difficult transition?

Not at all! by the time we decided going vegan, or diet was pretty much that way. What it was difficult for me though, was to be ok with eating "more" and changing my mindset. Now I eat as much veggies and fruits I want because I know is nourishing my body, and helping me to get healthier. 

How do you clean/store your veggies?

I leave fruits and avocados outside (fruit bowl), berries frozen, and rest of the veggies inside my fridge. I take ALL of them out of their bag (if any), and separate them depending which group they are, i.e. roots together, leafy greens in our "green box" (a shoe box turned into a fridge box), etc. That way softer vegetables don't get smashed by others.

I use mainly water to clean my veggies, and if I use any soap I use castile soap. Most pesticides can be remove by washing your veggies and fruit with just water. 

What's your favorite vegan recipe?

I love a good vegan lasagna like this one, or mexican food. We had "quesadillas" in mexico with mushrooms and pumpin flower. I think I could eat that all day everyday.

I will post the recipe soon for you all to make it at home!

Do you wear makeup? if not, do you think the clear skin is due to clean eats?

Great question! I love this one because it has a been a little project of mine. So, if I am not working I do not wear any make up at all (around 2-3 times a week). But, if I am working or going out, etc. I wear as little possible and ALL of my make up is made of natural ingredients. I wrote a blog post where I added two of my favorite brands. 

In regards the second question, my answer is TOTALLY. Once I stopped drinking milk my skin and tummy got much better. When I got read off cheesee, eggs and yoghurt I saw even a bigger change. Dairy has a lot of fat, and even if is "low fat" has a lot of sugar, that surprise surprise, turns into fat. So, YES, I totally think that by eating a plant based diet (but an actual one!) can help skin issues and mood swings, and totally has helped mine. 

 Do you have any cravings and how you deal with that?

I have cravings ALL the time, I am human and when PMS is here I am like any other girl. What I like to do, is to have things I like with me, like energy balls or fruit that I can snack on. That doesn't mean I am perfect, and I like french fries and a good ice cream, so If I want it I will probably have it. I just don't have any of those options in my house, so if is late at night I won't be able to binge on it, so I make a smoothie or nice cream. To me is all about prioratizing my health and changing one not as healthy option for a healthier one. 

Just remember I am still new to all of it, and I am still learning and researching better meals for better fitness performance. How my body reacts to certain foods, and cooking as many meals as I can to find the best one to post about. I truly believe that we can eat a tasty meal that is equal in healthy. 

If you have any more questions, suggestions, or simply want more recipes or tips, please let me know! I really want to spread the word about an actual healthy diet and its benefits!

In good health,