Wednesday Workout: 15 min Core + Cardio

If getting up early to go to the gym ain't your thing but you still want to get your blood pumping before going to work, I would recommend working out at home! You don't need much space or equipment, you can have a pretty good workout with your bodyweight. 

My favorite workouts are High Intensity ones, either bootcamp style class or circuit training. I know sometimes making time to fit in fitness classes seem impossible! that's why I made this quick 15 min cardio + core workout for you!

Try it home, your lunch time or after work. Grab a yo' friend, coworker or bae and sweat together!

TIP: Use this workout as warm up for your regular routine, or as energy boost to start your day.

Let me know if you liked it, you want more or you would completely change it!

Sweat it off!



Ana Alarcon