When was the last time you did something for the first time? (GIVEAWAY!)

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I haven't asked myself this question in a very long time. Routines, habits  and calendars is how I live, I like knowing what is next and how it will be done. I leave a pretty small room for spontaneity and honestly, I am control freaked. Sorry not sorry? lol

When it become to fitness and health, I like to plan my week ahead, know (or have an idea) what I am eating, etc. So, when a friend invites me to take a fitness class mid week without much notice,  I panic! I would obviously go, but the day after I would feel out of place, like my routine has been broken. It is weird, but I swear that it can completely change the mood of my week. 

However, I am believer of trying new things all the time. Specially when it becomes to fitness and health! You need to keep your body guessing and challenged.

I know, that must of us aren't gym rats (well, I am kinda), but more like social butterflies. When it becomes to working out at the gym, I love being alone and concentrated but for fitness classes, I need people, I need my #girlgang. We are always trying different studios around the city, and  new class, but I think I got pretty obsessed with a few studios and kinda stopped trying new classes! 

Photo credit: Class Pass instagram

Photo credit: Class Pass instagram

SO, for the month of August (the best month ever, cause ma birthdaaaay!) I have partnered up with Classpass and other amazing bloggers ( Ashley, Kate and Julie) to host a challenge! that it will definitely make me try new things and brake my routine!

At the end of the challenge we will give away pretty awesome prizes to the winners! and TODAY, we are giving away one month ClassPass Core membership.


What is the challenge about? We are trying something new everyday for 21 days! it can be anything, from a new fitness class (obvs you can use classpass), cooking a new dish, trying a new restaurant, camping. Whatever you can imagine that is on the health/wellness/fitness category. If you are in Boston, ma friend Jessica and I have a long list of new things (parkour, acro yoga, rock climbing,etc.), please, JOIN US! 

I will be sharing what I am doing on my blog, even if is a little blurb, and my social media channels. AKA I will blast you on snapchat with EVERYDAAANNGGGG! - find me on facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat: anagoesfit) and make sure to join us!

Don't worry too much about challenge details yet, it will start August 1st and I will make sure to detail EVERYTHING for ya before!  But feel free to get yo'self a $19 Class Pass base trail. Get it here.

What you should pay attention, is today's GIVEAWAY! 

What is in for you? ONE MONTH CLASS PASS CORE MEMBERSHIP!!! Wup Wupp! 

How? Clic on the image below to enter.

*No purchase necessary to enter/Winner must be 18 years of age or older/Winner must live in the United States /Winner must be a new member to ClassPass/Winner must agree to the/ClassPass Terms of Use/Winner must sign prize release form/Prize is one month of the core ClassPass membership (unlimited membership where core membership does not exist)/Entrants are giving ClassPass permission to email them/Late and missed class fees/must be paid by winner (requires credit card to be entered)/Total of 4 winners (one for each blogger) – randomly selected. No purchase necessary to enter or win. By entering, you are giving ClassPass permission to email you. Must be at least 18 years old, US only. Must be a new ClassPass member. To redeem prize winner must sign release form and agree to ClassPass terms of use and is responsible for all late/missed class fees.